My team and I were paid GHc120,000 for ‘Onaapo’ but… – Nacee

Musician and producer Nana Osei, popularly known as Nacee, has reacted angrily to reports that he single handled pocketed GHC140,00 for the ‘Onaapo’ song.

Disputing the accusation, Nacee disclosed that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) paid GHC120,000 for the song, which was used for its campaign during the 2016 elections, and other projects.

Last week, Mel Kwasi Davis, a member of the team that worked with Nacee on the song fumed with rage alleging that the musician cum producer refused to give him his share of the money.

Mr Davis alleged that he did not get anything from working on the song adding that, Nacee took all the money for which reason he described Nacee as “greedy”.

Reacting to the claim by Mr Davis, Nacee explained in an interview on This Is Gospel on Hitz FM with Franky5 that all members of his team benefit from the money.

“I did this project with a team who had GHC59,000 out of GHC120,000. The money that came to me was GHC61,000,” adding, he is ready to “account for every pesewa”.

According to him, he “shot four music videos, did five documentaries and seven songs,” with the GHC61,000 he got from the money.

He stressed that but for the lack of time on the programme, he was prepared to give a detailed account of how the money was disbursed and used for “the world to know who is a true greedy person… but Mel is part of the GHcC59,000.”

Defending his integrity over Mr Davis’ claim of saying he is a liar, “the producer said while he is ready to account for his share of the money, but how that [GHc59,000] was shared I have no idea.”

Nacee blamed the team he worked with – Prince Opoku (Ashes), Mel Kwasi Davis, Lawrence Asiamah Hanson (Bulldog), Frank Agyekum and the show host, Frank Kwabena Owusu (Franky5) – for betraying him and peddling unnecessary rumours about him.

Touching on claims by Dee Aja, who performed the song who said he wasn’t paid for the song, Nacee explained that “if I wasn’t able to give you more money, it’s because of what happened” stressing Aja is aware of what happened behind the scenes.

“If Aja is angry about me, unfortunately, he is right because I’m his father so he is expecting me to fight and get him something better,” he concluded.

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