Abbi Ima Drops Captivating New Single “Sika Ye Mogya“

Rising music sensation Abbi Ima is set to make waves with his latest release, “Sika Ye Mogya.” This highly anticipated track showcases Abbi Ima’s unique blend of Afrobeat and highlife, captivating listeners with its infectious rhythms and heartfelt lyrics.


“Sika Ye Mogya” meaning “Money is Blood” in English, delves into the importance of financial stability and the sacrifices made to achieve success. Abbi’s soulful vocals effortlessly glide over the vibrant instrumentation, creating an irresistible musical experience.


As the most streamed artist on Boomplay Music in the region, Abbi Ima continues to solidify her position as a rising star. Collaborating with top production team the track boasts a polished sound that is sure to resonate with fans both locally and globally.


Abbi Ima’s reach extends far beyond the region, with her music gaining popularity in neighboring countries. Her distinct sound has garnered comparisons to the likes of King Promise, further cementing her status as a rising force in the industry.


Listeners are invited to “Get the strap” and be the first to stream “Sika Ye Mogya” on Boomplay Music. Don’t miss out on this captivating musical journey!



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“Sika Ye Mogya” is out now🔥

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