Jiggy Waz ‘fires’ National Media Commission

TSK Records And Multimedia Signee Jiggy Waz has talked against decision by the National Media Commission to ban his latest music video from showing on National Television.

The angry Rapper in a series of Facebook posts expressed sharp disapproval of the National Media Commission refusal to permit his music video to be shown on Television.

According to the ‘Sexy Mama’ hitmaker, the National Media Commission disallowing his music video on air isn’t a fair treatment.

”This TV station says they can’t play #sexymama Video cus of a warning from National Media Commission. Now am watching #Tokyo and some other wild videos on that same station. The come up no be easy for real but God got us all the way.” he posted.

In an interview with this reporter to explain reason behind the post, he disclosed that, the National Media Commission has disapproved the showing of his latest music video on television.

According to him, the directive by the National Media Commission has left him in a shocking state of sorrow and disbelief.

He argues that, several music videos are shown on our airwaves full of nude but are allowed.

“National Media Commission can allow several foreign nude videos to be shown on TV but ban mine, I really don’t understand. TOKYO by King Promise and Wizkid are shown but when I do same, they will complain and talk about culture. WHY. Is it that we hate our own or what ??” he quizzed.

All amenity by this reporter to reach executives of the National Media Commission to respond to the allegation and disappointment expressed by the musician proved futile.

However according to sources, 4 Syte TV and one other station were the stations ordered by the  National Media Commission to stop showing content of the video to the public.

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