Omoghéné Readies ‘Love Is A Symphony’ – A Soulful Tapestry of Self-Expression

In Omoghéné’s musical universe authenticity reigns supreme.

Unapologetically herself, the Nigerian-American singer-songwriter unveils her latest project, ‘Love is a Symphony,’ a soulful exploration that transcends genres and captivates listeners with its rich blend of gospel, neo-soul, pop and R&B. Omoghéné’s passion and cultural roots are infused on every track with a genuine, heartfelt resonance.


The nine-track project, set to release on January 17th across all streaming platforms, is a labour of love that follows in the footsteps of her debut single, ‘Everyday Is My Birthday,’ and her first EP, ‘ATW.’


Each song in ‘Love is a Symphony’ is a testament to Omoghéné’s unwavering commitment to her craft, as she weaves together a tapestry of sound that reflects her diverse influences. Her writing is simple, honest and straight to the point.


What sets this project apart is the incorporation of AI art pieces accompanying every song, as revealed by the artist herself: “Every song on the project will be accompanied by an AI art piece that takes the listener to the symphony to experience the subject of love being discussed.”


The album kicks off with the instrumental “Love’s Overture,” a melodic marriage of guitar, keys, and strings that unfolds like the opening scene of an epic thriller. It sets the stage for a musical expedition where every note is a step closer to self-discovery.


The closing track, “Patience,” serves as a poignant request for grace, with Omoghéné navigating the delicate balance between the present and the unknown, pleading for patience on her journey to becoming the best version of herself.


Between these bookends lies a sonic landscape that explores love and self-expression. The lead single, “Face Me,” released last year, seamlessly blends R&B with a Zouks bounce as Omoghéné boldly confronts her lover, demanding both space and recognition. Tracks like “Directly” delve into the complexities of communication, merging trap beats with gospel undertones, showcasing her church upbringing.


On the aptly titled “Not Now,” she sets the rules of engagement with the declaration, “Yeah, we could be friends but not now,” asserting her autonomy in matters of the heart. The pop-infused “Already Mine” stands out as a testament to Omoghéné’s claim on love, resonating with upbeat energy and spiritual chants of “Already Mine.”


Production on “Love Is A Symphony” was skillfully crafted by Chris Anthony, Joshua Wen, Tomidrey, and 14Trak to highlight Omoghéné’s voice and presence. Omoghéné’s background adds depth to her artistry. Raised as Alexis Omoghéné Akpodiete, her blend of acoustic neo-soul, R&B, and a pop twist pays homage to her Nigerian-American roots, with her Urhobo name translating to “God’s Child.”


‘Love is a Symphony’ not only marks Omoghéné’s evolution as an artist but also solidifies her place in the musical landscape.


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