In Ghana, music or dance or a combination of both is a great part of the peoples lives and would normally be seen or heard anywhere. On daily basis, you will find young people dancing to loud music by the roadside just to market or promote a product.

Over the years, dance is gradually loosing it’s significance especially during events and theatre shows. This is due to fact that there is no longer a strong zeal or commitment towards the art. The art of dancing which pays a lot in other countries and is taken as a profession or hobby for some is loosing it’s beauty and place in the lives of Ghanaians. Some dancers who have taken the art professionally complain bitterly about how less respect is given to their profession.

In an attempt to revive the art of dance in Ghana, Mr Socrate Safo the director of creative arts, programs and projects of the National Commission on Culture had a meeting with some creative artists which included poets, drummers and dancers. The meeting brought about the formation of a dance company that will help market Ghana to the world. Some of the dancers spoke about the problems they face as dancers especially their income. They complained about how people pay them less than they charge because the art isn’t considered anymore.

Mr. Socrate Safo encouraged them to be more committed to the art and be ready to make sacrifices for the arts. He also challenged them to work harder in order to grow the dance industry because that is one of the important things he hopes to achieve as the director of creative arts, programs and projects. Mr Safo promised to initiate a pension scheme that will enable them hold on to something after retirement and also an insurance policy for them.

The dance company will not only help improve the state of dance in Ghana but also put Ghana on the map and help educate on the transition of dance in Ghana. Interested dancers should visit the National Commission on Culture to pick up a registration form.


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