Every artist who uses juju will be exposed this ‘God year ’- Tinny fires entertainment industry

Veteran performer and Ga-rap king Nii Addo Quaynor, best known in showbiz as Tinny is back again in the news.

In a no-holds barred interview with NY based radio station, Tinny bluntly addressed issues surrounding the use of juju and charms in the entertainment industry.

It will be recalled that a few weeks ago, the internet was buzzing with news that some musicians had taken Tinny’s cd to Benin to invoke charms against his career. Musicians using juju to push their career and to sabotage their competitors has become a hot button issue at the moment.

Addressing the issue, the Dzormo hit maker did not mince words. “This juju issue is becoming too much in entertainment. We have people accusing each other of using juju in their beef songs so that must tell you that there may be some truth that some artists use juju to push their career.

I never used to believe it because I made it without the help of any mallam or juju man. God has always been my source. But I have to admit that a lot of things are happening in this industry which are strange.

I am a family man, and a God fearing man but I have been getting a lot of calls and texts lately telling me about people sending my pictures or cd’s to juju men to try and destroy my career. Well, they will fail and they will be exposed this year, you wait and see.

Some of them will even die because this is a God Year for me and my fans. This year, anybody working against us, God will destroy them. I have a clean heart and a positive mind; I am a child of God so anybody that will try me this God year, God will destroy them”.

Asked about accusations that his long-time friend and newsmaker Shatta Wale has used juju to promote his career, Tinny demurred , simply saying that he can only speak for himself.

“I can only speak for myself because I don’t know what anybody does. I know that my career is from God and He is the only source of my fame. We all have to answer to God so you can ask everybody how they got their fame. Mine is from talent, hard work and prayer”, he insisted.

The interview seemed to kick into an even more interesting gear when the issue of beefs came up. The interviewer asked Tinny what his thoughts were on the current state of beefs in the industry, to which Tinny answered “Well, competition can be very good for the industry because they help the artiste to stay on their toes and deliver the best for the fans.

We can tell that the latest beefs have brought some form of excitement among the fans. People know about my beefs in the past and how I lyrically attacked anybody who tried to step on my toes.

I think because of the way I handle my beefs, people are afraid to try me because I come hard. I come correct. I don’t shoot to play, I shoot to kill when it comes to beef. If the rapper is up to my standard and h or she disses me, I am coming for their head. Ask anybody who tried me in the past”.

Tinny also jabbed the organizers of the VGMA. He said he wondered if they had a personal vendetta with him because no matter how hard he works, they never recognize his works. He said it may be because he criticized them in the past but he isn’t really bothered about awards because that is not his motivation to make music.

4Syte Music Video Awards wasn’t spared neither. Tinny opined that though Ignace is a personal friend, he must sit up and stop treating the awards scheme like a family and friends affair.

Tinny dropped three remarkable videos last year which were snubbed at the VGMA’s this year. He wondered how ‘Who’s the best rapper’ didn’t get any nomination in the rap category even though it was critically acclaimed as one of the best rap songs of the year.

Asked about his plans this year, Aletse Kankpe said he is dropping a song called God Year very soon and working on an album slated for midyear. “I know my fans have being patiently waiting for the new album for a while now.

It will be ready soon and they won’t be disappointed. I have been through a lot of growth and experiences and I am going to make my fans connect to me on the next album. They will love it”.

Judging but what we hear, God Year promises to be a deep and real song that the fans can relate to.

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