7 shocking things Nana Tornado revealed about Delay

TV personalities, Deloris Frimpong-Manso ‘Delay’ and Nana Tornado’s friendship has come to an end following a message Delay posted on Instagram, claiming she takes nobodies like Tornado and turns them into somebodies.

Delay’s statement boiled Nana Tornado up so he dropped series of bombs in regards to Delay’s personality during an interview on Okay FM Monday, July 17.

From the rise of Delay to sleeping around with white men in different hotels, Nana Tornado said a lot during the 6 minutes interview.

Here are 7 shocking things Nana Tornado revealed about Delay during the interview.
1. Delay is ungrateful and fake.
2. She jumps from one hotel to another, seeking white men who do not give her attention.
3. She was living in a slum at Tema Community 2.
4. She used to perform karaoke at Tornado’s pub in Tema.
Tornado also revealed he was married to a Filipino at the time.

5. There was no formal agreement about the “Afia Schwarzenegger” TV series. An agreement was reached on mutual grounds.
6. Delay didn’t buy him a single dress for casting in “Afia Schwarzenegger” TV series. They’ve worked for 6 years and Tornado claims he changes trice on every set yet he has not been given a single dress.
7. Delay is a braggart. Nana Tonardo also claims Delay promised him a lot of material things but yet to fulfil.
Delay is yet to react to the allegations levelled against her. Listen to

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