I gave God two-year ultimatum to give me a child – Kafui Danku

Kafui Danku has revealed how she challenged God to bless her with a fruit of the womb with persistent prayers prior to her “miracle” baby’s birth.

The actress who had difficulties keeping her pregnancies anytime she conceived, said she did not take it easy with God as she prayed always and gave God a two-year ultimatum to make her a mother.

“I told God that when I turn 35 and it doesn’t happen I’ll still be happy and won’t even think about it. I’ll live like that, if that’s how you want it,” she disclosed on JoyNews Prime entertainment.

She added, “I’ll be 34 years next month. I believe strongly that sincere prayers is what God listens to. You don’t have to frown and speak in languages you don’t understand.”

Kafui Danku who had conception problems and had three miscarriages before finally having her baby, is alleged to be expecting a second child as per an Instagram update she personally posted.

Clarifying this rumour, she claims she is unaware of carrying another child, a son to be precise.

According to the movie producer, she will be glad to have another child, however, she was only writing a letter to an “imaginary” baby.

“I just said okay, when I have a son I’ll name him Titan so I wrote a letter to my unborn son. I said Titan if you’re the one making my face look like this, then fine enough. So I don’t know. But if it happens I’ll be happy,” she said.


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