Entertainment Journalist George Clifford Owusu to Contest Akyem Swedru Parliamentary Seat

George Clifford Owusu, a big-time music scene reporter, is stepping up his game from covering beats to running for parliament come 2024.



Claiming his spot as an independent contender for the Akyem Swedru Constituency seat, he’s laying it out straight: politicians ain’t cutting it for the youth, and it’s time for a switch-up.



Backed by a solid crew of locals, this fresh-faced candidate is oozing with confidence, believing he’s got what it takes to shake things up in the political scene.



George Clifford Owusu spilled the beans to the press, laying down his plan to give the creative crowd some long-overdue respect and push for changes that’ll lift everyone’s spirits.



He’s gunning to throw a curveball at the National Democratic Party (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), even though they think they got this constituency locked down.



Promising to make life better for his people, he’s all about creating jobs and bringing some much-needed progress to the area.



But he’s not about stirring up trouble; he’s preaching a campaign of unity, urging other hopefuls eyeing that parliamentary seat to keep it chill.



His game plan? Hard work and innovation, especially when it comes to hooking up the youth with job opportunities.



And he’s not stopping there; he’s ready to team up with local leaders to kickstart some serious growth for the whole constituency.



Sure, he knows he’s facing an uphill battle, but he’s dead set on winning. When asked what got him into this political hustle, his answer was simple: the folks who’ve been calling the shots ain’t been doing right by the people.

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