Founder of Western Ghana Achievement & Excellence Awards Introduces Sister Scheme

Sidney Washington Daniels, the founder of Ghana Western Achievement & Excellence Awards (GWAEA), on the intent to honour the wealthy-and-leading in the western region, has designed a new adjacent awards scheme that will be run simultaneously with Ghana Western Achievement & Excellence Awards from 2025 onwards.



The new sister scheme, separately dubbed Ghana Achievement & Billionaires Leadership Awards (GWABLA), will be staged alongside Ghana Western Achievement & Excellence Awards same time and at the same venue each coming year, — but its honours are specials that will be conferred on top rich western region moguls that are contributing great developments to the region’s glory.



According to Sidney Washington Daniels, Ghana Western Achievement & Billionaires Leadership Awards is for a select few wealthy individuals, so the scheme’s special team will cut only 5 honour categories for the scheme to keep a tight nomination window each year.



“The honours to be conferred under GWABLA are not in an hierarchical order, so no honouree reigns above the other”. “In its generality, GWABLA is of a level ground recognition scheme for all the honourees, irrespective of their calibre”. “It is their achievement and excellence under the year of review that we’re considering”. Sidney revealed to his publicity team.



The Sidney-led Ghana Western Achievement & Excellence Awards scheme has successfully had three editions. Its fourth edition, which was supposed to be staged this December, has been postponed to next December — as this year is an election year and management don’t want their highly-projected publicity and staging dominated by conflicting political activities.


As it was done for last year’s edition, the 2025 edition will also be gloried with invited UK fashion models, UK investors, and high profile UK personalities drawn from several industries.



The GWAEA founder, Sidney Washington Daniels, is a UK-based Ghanaian-British criminologist. Sidney extends into media mogul and several other things. He is popularly known as UK Suge Knight.



Sidney has executive-produced dozens of movies under his LondonHills Production media label. He has also funded several music projects on which are rappers and singers from the western region.

Primarily, Suge is a huge media mogul that’s deeply rooted in the recognition business where honouring plausible company and individual achievements and excellences are his top priority. Every other media endeavour of his comes after.

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