I’ve had lots of offers from Kumasi based producers – Roselyn Ngissah

Ghanaian actress Roselyn Ngissah has revealed she’s been offered many roles from known producers based in Kumasi, but has declined to feature in their movies.

The Nigerian groomed actress said her reason for avoiding the movie role was as a result of the inconsistency in the amount they agreed (Roselyn Ngissah and Producer).

The beautiful plump actress said she is concerned about the amount involved when she is given a role to play in a movie because acting is her lifetime profession hence its business side is a matter of interest to her.

“I’ve had lots of offers from Kumasi based producers but the cash involved had been a challenge. I don’t charge high and not low too but sometimes the timing to be on set doesn’t favour me,” Roselyn Ngissah told RTVGhana.

Commenting on her acting career, Roselyn Ngissah disclosed how excited she was after the first movie she featured in turned out to be her breakthrough to her acting career.

According to her, being one of the actresses who featured in the popular movie ‘4 Play’ along with Yvonne Okoro, Kalsome Sinare, Majid Michel, Jackie Appiah and Juliet Ibrahim her name became a household name thereafter.

She said, after the release of the ‘4 Play’ movie trailer she went about her normal duties using commercial vehicles but after few days, she became popular in her vicinity which compelled her to charter taxis and later acquired her own vehicle.

“When the first movie I featured became a hit in 2010, I was totally baffled because I’m a hustler. When the movie was premiered for the first time, I had no car… I usually board ‘trotro’ until one day, I heard kids calling me by the title of the movie ‘4 Play’ ‘4 Play’… I was totally speechless so I had to charter a taxi back home,” Ngissah said. Roselyn Ngissah began her movie career in 2004. She became a household name after features in 4 Play, Housekeepers, Last President of Ghana, Strange Marriage, Married Strangers, Adams Apple, Hidden Romance, Sex lover, My love My wife and Accra Hustlers just to mention a few.

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