Renowned Director Sanusi Abdul Rahman Advocates Continuous Learning in Film Industry

Renowned producer and director, Sanusi Abdul Rahman, has imparted valuable advice to film crews, encouraging those without a formal education to consider acquiring one. Simultaneously, he advocates for individuals with formal education to actively engage in on-the-job learning.

Addressing students at the Ghana Media School, the award-winning producer outlined the dual challenges hindering the quest for quality producers and directors. Rahman explained that individuals solely relying on on-the-job experience may underestimate the importance of formal education, while those with formal education may undervalue practical experience.

He emphasized that a holistic approach is essential, asserting that individuals who neglect either formal education or on-the-job learning may fall short of becoming proficient producers and directors. Rahman emphasized the necessity for aspiring directors to earnestly commit to both academic pursuits and practical experience for optimal skill development.

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