VIDEO: KSM Declines Deputy Minister Of Tourism,Culture, and Creative Arts Expectations

Veteran Ghanaian standup comedian and the host of ‘The KSM Show,’ Kwaku Sintim-Misa aka KSM, has indicated that he is not interested in accepting any offer to deputize the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Creative Arts.

Adding his voice to the current debate in the media as to who should be appointed as Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, he said it’s good to have creative arts person deputize – whoever, the president, Nana Addo, should appoint someone who understands the show and business aspect of the industry.

Again, he mentioned that Socrates Sarfo is a veteran filmmaker who can be of good use to the ministry but for him, he won’t step a foot in that shoe – though some art critics hold strong opinion and confidence in him as a safer bet for the deputy minister role.

“I am totally out – not good for deputy minister and I don’t believe in certain structures. Can’t do that! I’m not qualified for that role. I am free spirited – not qualified for that. I rather prefer where I am.”

As a filmmaker, he suggested that for the Ghanaian film industry to gain back its full strength in 2017, it would be prudent for the creative arts to understand what the audience want and do what they look out for. According to him, Ghanaian films are declining because of lack of creativity in the film industry.

“The industry is not coming out with good stories and what audience are looking for contributed to the major decline of the industry – so my advice is, the industry should seat back and review relevant content” he said.

Using Kumawood movies as a case study, he told editor of,Mustapha Inusah (Nii Attractive)that Kumawood movies became too one way, too predictable, not interesting, and that made people lose interest too quickly.

You can click here to watch the full interview:

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