Van Vicker Wraps Up Shooting Of His 9th Self-Produced Movie

African celebrated actor, Van Vicker, who doubles as a producer and director has successfully finished shooting and directing his 9th self-produced movie under his Sky Orange Productions.

The actor, who’s love for directing keeps growing day in and out, said in a chat with that, though he enjoys directing movies more these days, he won’t quit acting for directing.

According to him, one of the reasons he decided to produce and direct his own movies is because he wants to continue to reinvent himself as an actor – but to him, it’s less stressful when he only have to direct a movie and not act as well.


Talking about his new movie titled ‘Behind Mansion Walls’ he said it’s a story of a happy family that gets torn apart when the dad meets an ex-girlfriend of his and what started off as very travail ended in the death of their two kids and a broken home.

The movie which features Kafui Danku, Too Sweet Annan, and others, is set to be premiere across the world in 5 months’ time.

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