Police grab Ara B for insulting Shatta Wale’s wife

Ara B, a Dannehall musician and a friend of Shatta Wale, is in police custody for insulting Shatta Michy on social media.
Shatta Wale and Ara B take selfie (Facebook)

Ara B, who recently left the Shatta Movement Family camp due to an unresolved rift with Shatta Wale took to social media to rain insults on Michy, calling her names and making some wild allegations against her.
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In his Facebook post, Ara B called Michy a lesbian and accused her of cheating on her husband and further threatened to reveal shocking secrets about her.
Ara B’s post

A few hours after the post, Ara B took to Facebook again to report Shatta Wale, Pope Skinny and SM crew presence in his home. He wrote (unedited): “Shatta wale pope skinny and crew all in my estate at my gate threatening me trying to enter my house with boys this is no joke like wat the f**k.”

Later, he was reportedly arrested and kept in police custody for hours. The station where he was kept is yet to be known.
Ara B is said to be Shatta Wale’s ‘right hand man’. In a recent interview, Ara B revealed that he financially supported Shatta Wale and resurrected his ‘dead’ Bandana brand.

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