Meet the South African soothsayer who predicted doom for Ghana

Nozo Zintoyinto is an eighty-five year South African soothsayer who resides in the East of Johannesburg. She lives in an iron roof of a small house in a bleak township.
Her main means of living is predicting results of matches to enable people who are into betting to bet based on the way she believe the results would go.

She prophesied Senegal and Cameroon were going to exit the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in the early stages and it came to pass.

Zintoyinto uses seashells and orange blanket to make her predictions. She throws the shells on the orange blanket and according to her, her ability to get the predictions right is backed by her ancestors

“I don’t know much about soccer. But since this AFCON thing started, lots of men have been coming to me. They ask me to predict the results of games. Then they go to the betting places to put bets on the teams I think will be the winners.”
“The shells told me before the AFCON competition that Ivory Coast and Senegal would not do well. I told this to one of my clients who then put one hundred rand (about $7.00) each on Ivory Coast and Senegal being knocked out. That is what happened so the man, he won a lot of money,” she told VOA news.

Zintoyinto also foretold the outcome of the semi-finals game between Burkina Faso and Egypt.
“The spirits are showing me players dressed in red. They are celebrating. They have light skins. They are not black Africans,” Zintoyinto says. Her words point to a victory for Egypt.

Despite, the dominance by Burkina Faso on Wednesday against Egypt, the seven times champion in the end won on penalties after 120 minutes of football ended goalless.
Again, she predicted the Ghana game and lo and behold she has got it right and this is what she told VOA News before the game was played.

“The ancestors are shouting a lot. They are disagreeing about this match. But most are telling me Cameroon will win,” Zintoyinto says.

And when Nozo Zintoyinto was asked to predict the results of the final that would take place between Cameroon and Egypt as she predicted earlier she said she would give the outcome on Friday

Zintoyinto smiles, shakes her head slowly and says: “That’s too far in the future. Come see me on Friday. Then I will tell you.”

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