Discover yourself first before marriage – Majid Michel

The urge to not lose yourself in a relationship is something everyone regardless of their age experiences.

We are all in search of that special someone that we can have deep connections with, to come home to, to make us happy and to grow old with.

However, actor Majid Michel advised that in order to enjoy a happy marriage and love life, self-discovery is important before considering marriage.

He wrote: “You should build “YOU” before you ever think about building a marriage.”

Majid Michel debunked the impression that statements like “I will die without you”, “I cannot live without you”, “if you go away, my world would crumble” are romantic.

He explained that such utterances reflect an addictive dependency. Thus instead of being addicted to a substance, one is addicted to a person which should actually not be the case.

The talented actor believes that it is necessary for an unmarried person to get his/her standards and values settled before looking for a partner.

“If you cannot control your emotions, your passions, your feelings, your attitudes, your bad habits or your behavior as you are single now, then you are not prepared for marriage… know yourself and find yourself through Christ,” the actor turned inspirational speaker posted on his Instagram.


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