AFCON 2024: The spirit of Ghanaian supporters remains unbroken

In the aftermath of a disappointing start in the AFCON 2024, the spirit of Ghanaian supporters remains unbroken and full of optimism as they look ahead to the upcoming games.

Despite their team’s initial loss, fans are embracing the challenges with heightened enthusiasm and anticipation.

Rather than being disheartened by the defeat, it seems to have ignited an even stronger determination among the supporters. Fueled by a renewed passion, they are actively gearing up to rally behind their team, showcasing an enduring commitment to stand by them throughout the competition.

Ghanaian Supporters

Injecting a burst of energy into this commitment, Maquis DurVal Hotel hosted a special live band performance. The Select Singers from Ivory Coast orchestrated a mesmerizing musical experience, presenting a diverse repertoire that encompassed both Ivorian and Ghanaian songs. The dynamic leadership of Celine and Maguey led the live band, infusing the atmosphere with infectious energy and excitement.

Standout performances included renditions of “Vis à vis” and “Zoblazo” by Meiway, contributing to a rich cross-cultural celebration. The event took a distinctly patriotic turn as fans, immersed in the festive atmosphere, spontaneously joined in singing along to beloved Ghanaian tunes, such as the classics “Adwoa Ei” by AB Crentsil and “Awurade Kasa” by Cindy Thompson.

Ghanaian Supporters

The convergence of music, boundless enthusiasm, and unwavering national pride at Maquis DurVal Hotel underscored the resilience and passionate support that Ghanaian fans persistently provide for their team. This event sets a vibrant and positive tone for the remainder of the tournament, reflecting the enduring spirit of unity and camaraderie that defines the nation’s fervent backing for their football team.

Over 163 Ghanaian fans, stakeholders, and football enthusiasts embarked on a journey from Accra to Ivory Coast, driven by their ardent desire to support the Black Stars in the ongoing 2024 African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

This was courtesy of an all-expenses paid trip by Telecommunications giants, MTN as part of their support to the senior national team to make the nation proud at the continental showpiece.

Source: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo /Abidjan

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