Jobs IN Ghana that do not hire “Rastafarians”

Employment discrimination continue to evolve from diverse perspectives.
It is common to find possible employees been turned away because of their race, disabilities, sexual harassment of either gender, age or their kind of hair style (Rastafarians).

A lot of Rastafarian are not hired for so many cooperate jobs because of their hairstyle which they sometime wear for religious purposes.
Their dreadlocked image and marijuana-laced mysticism make them appear as though they are only good smokers.

Public school teachers are seen as role models for their students. In Ghana, Rastas are seen as drug addicts and not so well behaved people. Authorities believe that Rastas are likely to pollute the students hence public schools in Ghana do not hire rastas.

Most financial arenas also believe that Rasta do not wear that coperate look for them to earn a space in the financial space.

A pastor wearing dreadlocks will be very strange to a Ghanaian congregation. Though it is not a no no for pastors to be Rastas in other countries, Ghanaians will find it hard to come to terms with a Rastafarian pastor.

In Ghana , people associate
Although “Rastafarianism” is seen as a way of life and a religion, it is common to find lots of people in Ghana basically referring to dreadlocks people as rastas.
It is with that perspective that this piece is written.
We do not dispute the fact that there are certain rasta men without dreadlocks.
This is Pulse Ghana’s own little research into some jobs that do not employ Rastafarians. Tag us with any career which you know exempts Rastafarians.

What do you think?

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