Jackie Appiah on a zip line in South Africa

In a recent Instagram video, the actress is seen going on a zip line at Induna Adventures in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

She looked terrified as she asked several questions pertaining to the safety of the experience she was about to embark on.

She was seen asking the zip line attendant if she was going to fall if she let go of the line even though she was firmly strapped in.

She appeared visibly shaken and it was not as if she was acting.

Before the jump, she appears to be scared and asks the one recording the video to take her place instead. She then asks the attendant if she can do anything she wants to do after she jumped. The hilarious part about the whole thing is when she finally jumped.

The actress was heard screaming her head off and asking herself why she even decided to go on the zip line in the first place.

“Oh God, Oh God, why did I even do this?” she was heard scream as she went sliding down the line.

The actress is in South Africa with actor John Dumelo and the two are having the time of their life as they have been given the chance to explore the country and enjoy their stay there.

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