I am a prostitute – Actress Salma Mumin

Ghanaian actress, Salma Mumin, has confirmed being a prostitute as she waded into the conversation about women being sponsored by married men, saying she sees nothing wrong with that.

The actress in an interview on Peace FM, said: “You know you have a wife and you still come for us. Because the men are older and know they are married, we will accept and take their money.”

According to her, although she sees nothing wrong with that society must also acknowledge that there are other women also working tirelessly to make it in life.

“Every woman is a prostitute,including myself every woman has a boyfriend, but their sponsors are in different ranks. If yours would give you 100, another’s would give her 1,000.

“Just pray for God’s blessings. So, that someone would also give you 1,000. If your man is supporting you, there is nothing wrong with that,” she stressed.

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