Ghana recorded 80% rise in HIV infection in 2016

Ghana recorded 80 percent rise in new HIV infections in the year 2016, the UNAIDS Country Director in Ghana, Ms Angela Trenton-Mbonde has disclosed.

She said new HIV infections declined in children by 46 per cent but increased among adults by 49 per cent.

Speaking on the occasion of World Aids Day in Kumasi on 1 December 2017, which coincided with the National Farmers Day celebration, she said there were 20, 000 new infections last year, 17,000 of which were among adults.

“There has been an 80 per cent rise in HIV infections overall…this figure of the new infections tells us that more needs to be done with respect to HIV prevention as evidence show that new infections are rising among adults,” she stated.

With regards to treatment, it was disclosed that 10,000 people were put on anti-retroviral drugs by the end of 2016 which resulted in 40 per cent reduction in AIDS related deaths.

Ms Trenton-Mbonde further noted that although they have made some progress in tacking the epidemic in Ghana, more progress can be made towards ending AIDS completely.

“We have to take steps to catch-up, addressing bottom necks and obstacles to AIDS prevention, cure and treatment”, she said adding that, new and innovative ways should be adopted to address the obstacles.

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