Ghana needs an advanced social intervention programme – Abeiku Santana

Ace broadcaster Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Santana popularly referred to as, Abeiku Santana, has said Ghana lacks advanced social intervention programmes considering the level of poverty and social challenges confronting people in the country.

The Tourism Ambassador, speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said, the so-called social intervention programmes rolled out by successive governments are not sustainable.

Using the module of police assistant under the Youth Employment programme as an example, he said, the job opportunity which allows beneficiaries to work for two years is not sustainable. Ghana he stated, needed an advanced social policy to help eradicate poverty in the country.

‘’There are no advanced social intervention programmes in the country,’’ he said.

Mr. Santana, said there is currently no social intervention for the middle-class despite the increasing number of that population.

He also lamented over the dismissal of workers who are perceived to be members of an opposition party by a ruling government.

This he noted will not help in developing the country. Abeiku Santana also took his gun on parliament because he felt they only spend majority of their discussions, on loans instead of discussing policies that will alleviate the poverty of Ghanaians.

He also touched on streetism where he said, some of the children he spoke to revealed that they have been forced to come to the city to seek greener pastures because their parents have abandoned them to also do same in other countries.

He wondered why we will have children sleeping on the streets when we have a Social Protection Ministry.

He quizzed, “Why do we have the ministry of protection? What is social protection if we have kids sleeping on the streets because they are homeless? We don’t’ have social protection, we don’t have social policy, if we do, we will not have children on the streets. We need to address this issue. We can construct a facility that will house these children.’’

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