What Society Took From Rashida Black Beauty

Those who hailed Rashida Black Beauty or whatever she calls herself, and proceeded to crown her with an award for releasing that mindless video, I hope you have watched her latest video.

Well, for your information, she has squandered the cash price you gave her, and now needs extra cash to perpetuate her lunacy. She knows exponents of stupidity like you still exist on planet earth to throw some cash on her again so she has released an explosive one.

Please don’t disappoint her, organize another award scheme for her and shower praises on her for the latest video in town. When some of us said that girl needs to be condemned and not celebrated for the mindless thing she did, you guys shrugged off all wise counsel and crowned her.

Right after that award, another young lady released a similar video hoping to catch attention of promoters of such deviant behaviors. She was not lucky to have been celebrated like Rashida Black Beauty. Her hopes were dashed though!

Rashida Black Beauty became a role model for other ghetto-life young ladies. They yearned to catch up with her. They relished climbing to the top and share meal with big men who with all their ‘fat certificates and religious values celebrated that young lady for her anti-societal deed.
Today, Rashida Black Beauty feels what she did was right. After all, she was awarded for it.

I wonder if those who conceived the idea to award her will ever encourage their children to do what that young lady did. Sadly, we laughed over it and our media gave her platform to share her breakthrough story.

don’t know who released her latest video. But one thing stands out; she recorded the video herself. Whatever she wanted to use it for, I am unable to tell. Come to think of it, if she had been condemned and not celebrated, do you think she would be encouraged to record the latest video?

I am extremely worried. I weep for the young lady. I pity her. I watched the video, and I saw an over-joyous housefly hovering over her private part. I asked myself wryly, is that the private part of living human being? The foolishness of few people has succeeded in destroying the life of the young lady.

We could have “rehabilitated” her when she released the first video. At the time she needed help to get back on track not fooling partners to encourage her to plummet further into moral obscurity.

We have failed Rashida Black Beauty and other young ladies of her type. I am worried because all my five siblings are ladies. They can be victims of the moral wounds we have inflicted on Rashida Black Beauty.
Society must help address these challenges not serve as hotbed for training the likes of Rashida Black Beauty.

By Amos Blessing Amorse /Ghanapoliticsonline.com
Asabaham – Accra


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