Top 4 jobs which are dying out slowly in Ghana

the robotic age is soon dawning on us and this will take away some of our jobs, some of them which are in-demand currently are soon endangered owing to rapid technology adoption and innovation in automation.

Will this job be soon off the shelf or towards the brink of ending of its shelf life? With online library evolving and e-books gaining popularity, it’s time to rethink if you want to make a career choice.
For those who enjoy reading books the old fashioned way, the role of a new digital saving platforms, tech-savvy with searches on Internet, and helpful websites with know-how on relevant keywords will soon replace the role of a traditional librarian.

2. Travel agent/Travel agencies
In the recent few years, people continue to make bookings for vacation or business travel all by themselves with no travel agent aid. This career once in-demand is already gone extinct with the rise of mobile e-commerce travel booking platforms.

3. Newspaper reporters
The print media needs a technological face-lift so as to compete with the digital media. Today the digital world wages a war with print media over consumers. People can have access to online content at the comfort of their homes. This development is bound to drive the print media out of market which will also create job loss for newspaper reporters.

4.Bank tellers
Automation could bring a lot of jobs to a loss. ATM is likely to“ steal jobs” from bank tellers. One might think the introduction of ATMs first in the 1970s eventually meant massive technological unemployment for bank tellers. Instead of depositing a check or withdrawing cash from a human, you could do it with an ATM card and a machine.

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