The Top 100 Honeymoon Destinations for 2017

The Top 100 Honeymoon Destinations for 2017
By Kathryn Romeyn
Updated on November 15, 2016
We’ve collected a definitive list: Here, the top 100 honeymoon destinations around the world.
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Courtesy of Cap Est Lagoon Resort
For most newlyweds, your honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime. Sure, you may end up taking bigger or wilder trips down the road, probably with your growing family, but the first post-wedding getaway is epic. It allows you time to enjoy each other with all the planning and stress behind you. It sets the tone for the adventures you’ll have in your future, and it provides memories that will last your lifetime. Whether you’re lie-on-a-beach-with-a-coconut people, daring foodies, adventure junkies, snow bunnies or city folk, there are incredible places near and far that will indulge your personal idea of romance. We’ve collected a definitive list: Here, the top 100 honeymoon destinations around the world.
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Some of Mother Nature’s finest work is on display in Alaska, which obviously is not for those who draw their energy from wearing a bikini on a beach. Adventurous couples who’d rather experience their beaches windy and icy, perhaps alongside glacier-capped mountain views, should plan to spend time in Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve, where wildlife sightings could include bears, puffins, bald eagles and humpback whales. The accommodations—try The Hotel Captain Cook—might not be the most opulent, but that’s not why you’re there.
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Alentejo, Portugal
Known as Portugal’s grape-growing region, Alentejo (“beyond” in Portuguese) has the cool calm of a wine valley with the added surprise of picturesque, un-touristy beaches. There are also medieval castles and ruins of Roman architecture dotted around the agriculture-rich area. Stay at the bucolic Herdade da Malhadinha Nova or charmingly rural Imani Country House and plan to drive, along one of three wine routes and up and down the coast, where fresh seafood, quaint B&Bs, waves dotted with surfers and tiny villages are par for the course.
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Beyond the liberal coffee shop culture and Red Light District, Amsterdam is a blissful capital city known for its rich artistic heritage—Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer—and elaborate system of canals and bridges. Cycle or walk past the charming facades, stopping at open-air restaurants or cafes for intimate meals and chats with friendly locals. Try the waterfront InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam, with its Michelin-starred restaurant, or fancifully decorated Andaz Amsterdam.
Courtesy of Cap Juluca
Anguilla is the definition of Caribbean paradise: electric turquoise water, bright white sand, palm trees that sway in the gentle breeze around calm bays. Book a private pool suite at the serene Cap Juluca, where plantation-style shutters can block out the beach so you can sleep in and enjoy lazy breakfasts in bed.
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Antigua & Barbuda
Pastel facades, bustling markets, tropical fruits, limestone formations and, of course, plenty of pristine beaches: Antigua and Barbuda are basically Eden. Between the islands you can find yourselves alone on powdery white sand, or on a catamaran sailing between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea at sunset. All-inclusive resorts such as Hermitage Bay are plentiful, along with once-in-a-lifetime private-island (literally) getaways like Jumby Bay A Rosewood Resort.
Courtesy of Tschuggen Grand Hotel
Arosa, Switzerland
Whether you ski, aprés or hike, Switzerland’s mountainous terrain is a thrilling, wellness-oriented, not to mention romantic, venue. When the snow is falling over Arosa, a town in the district of Plessur, it’s particularly butterfly-inducing. Snow sports are popular, as are the miles and miles of walking and mountain bike trails. Experience them all from the elegant Tschuggen Grand Hotel, with its own private railway. Crystal-clear mountain lakes, alpine pastures and cozy mountain cabins—it’s the definition of high-altitude paradise.
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Though it’s off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is a Dutch constituent and has a heavy Caribbean influence, too. With European-inspired architecture, Dutch gables, pastel hues and brilliant turquoise water, it’s a quintessential spot for intense R&R. Enjoy the powdery sand and cool trade winds with a tropical cocktail in hand at The Ritz-Carlton Aruba, which sits alongside Palm Beach and boasts a 24-hour casino, for those who enjoy a bit of gambling.
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Aspen, Colorado
One of the premier ski destinations in the U.S. is a top choice for snow bunnies, but it also offers breathtaking experiences even when there’s no snow falling. Of course, nothing sets the stage for romance better than cuddling in front of a blazing fire with a couple warm cocktails or a bottle of Champagne. But beyond a cozy scene at beautiful properties like the ski-in/ski-out The Little Nell, the Rocky Mountains have biking, spa-style TLC, live music, art and gondola rides to get into.
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Austin, Texas
Are you a little bit of a hipster? Do you love music? Is your mouth watering thinking about barbecue? Get yourselves to the coolest city in the Lone Star State, which may not be known for romance but does have its spots, like Mount Bonnell and Lake Travis at sunset. Otherwise, stay at the trendy bungalow-style Hotel San Jose (or for a bucolic stay outside the city, the luxury spa resort Travaasa Austin) and spend time trying food trucks, seeing shows and window-shopping on South Congress.
Courtesy of Four Seasons Bali
Bali, Indonesia
A honeymoon in Bali is pure magic. The Indonesian island—the only one in the huge country that’s Hindu—is a perfect place for passion. With a bit more of an exotic feel than the tropical islands closer to the US, Bali doesn’t only offer unspoiled beaches, surfing, snorkeling and massages, it’s full of culture, art, music, rice terraces and temples, many, many temples. Nature is celebrated here, and it’s easy to get into the spirit at lush, authentic properties such as Four Seasons Bali at Sayan and Uluwatu Surf Villas.
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Especially for East Coasters, Bermuda provides the right amount of foreign flavor—it’s tinged with British culture—with the convenience of being just off the mainland. Pink-sand beaches allow ample opportunity for sunbathing and swimming, but there’s also a dose of history to be had on the island known for maritime exploits. With plush rooms and elegant dining, the uberprivate colonial-style Elbow Beach is an idyllic place to celebrate being Mr. and Mrs.
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Big Sur, California
California may not sound like the most exotic destination for a trip as big as your honeymoon, but Big Sur isn’t any old West Coast beach. The rugged central coast should be high on the list of those who appreciate the great outdoors. Splurge on one of the top hotels in the world, Post Ranch Inn, or go rustic in a treehouse at Treebones. Either way, you’ll be in a prime position to soak up all nature’s beauty.
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Sydney, Australia
The debate between Sydney and Melbourne is like the one between New Yorkers and Angelenos. Regardless of claims it has no culture, the capital of New South Wales has great dining, lots of activity and natural beauty to spare, which makes for about a hundred stunning romantic settings. Stay at the new Old Clare Hotel for a more urban adventure (think Opera House, Harbour Bridge, botanical gardens) or opt for the QT Bondi if you’d like your souvenir to be a golden tan and a six-pack.
Dana Neibert via Instagram
Bora Bora
Is your dream honeymoon one in which you and your love take shelter in a luxurious overwater bungalow propped on stilts in bright aqua water? Bora Bora is for you. Le Meridien’s signature bungalow even has a glass floor. Like the other idyllic islands in French Polynesia, where the brilliant color of the water is only rivaled by the intense blue of the sky, this one is pure heaven.
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Bordeaux, France
The coastal city of Bordeaux, in southwestern France, has gothic cathedrals, art museums and manicured public gardens lining its picturesque river, but those attractions are not the true reason people make pilgrimages to the region. Wine, of course, is the big draw. And if you’re a couple of oenophiles it’s a must-go. There are more than 100,000—yes, you read that right—vineyards, so you won’t even make a dent, but with a plush room at the 19th-century mansion-cum-hotel Yndo in downtown or vineyard-view Le Relais de Franc Mayne to keep you well-rested, you can make a strong effort.
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Buenos Aires, Argentina
If you venture to Argentina for your honeymoon, prepare to do the super sensual tango. The nightlife in the capital city is famously fabulous, and people come from all around the world to dance. Enjoy all the vibrant culture, local grill-focused cuisine and vivid, photogenic surroundings from a bicycle—bike lanes cover most of the city—or your temporary home in a sexy, well-designed place like Faena Hotel Buenos Aires.
Courtesy of Guana Island
British Virgin Islands
If sailing is a favored pastime, there’s no better place to indulge it than the British Virgin Islands. A volcanic archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, the collection of islands is one of the premier yachting destinations in the world. If sleeping on a boat—albeit a luxurious one—isn’t your thing, opt for a lush, secluded resort like Guana Islands, where you can eat under the stars, hike surrounding trails and hop the water taxi to surrounding beaches.
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Cannes, France
It’s a glamorous destination that has been frequented by movie stars and A-listers for decades, and Cannes still puts visitors under a kind of spell. The heart of the French Riviera has sublime Mediterranean beaches, food, wine, shopping and properties, like the Five Seas Hotel, which awakens each of the senses. Use it as a home base to explore picturesque towns like Eze, Antibes and Cassis—there’s so much to see, do and taste along this spectacular coastline.
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Cape Town, South Africa
With the US dollar strong against the South African rand, your dollars stretch a bit farther in the picturesque city at the southernmost point of Africa. Beautiful hotels and intimate guesthouses (Cape Grace, Cape View Clifton) provide impeccable service and serve as home base for exploring Cape Town’s gorgeous peaks and mountains, coastline and wildlife, from penguins to baboons. If you’re into history, there’s plenty to be had, along with fantastic wine and adrenaline-pumping adventure (cage diving with great whites!), to name just a few draws.
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Cappadocia, Turkey
It doesn’t get more magical sounding than fairy chimneys. Cappadocia’s defining attributes are definitely memorable. The region in central Turkey is known for otherworldly rock formations that include countless caves—many of which have been turned into hotels (such as the intricate Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel and elegant new boutique-y House Hotel Cappadocia)—and the enchanting early-morning ritual of sunrise hot air balloon excursions.
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Cartagena, Colombia
This magical colonial town is the jewel of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, with charming cobblestone streets, brilliantly colored buildings, exotic fruits and foods, and infectious live music at every turn. There’s romance all around, especially by night when it’s salsa time. Stay in one of the gentrifying port city’s best boutique hotels—the beautifully restored Hotel Casa San Agustin, lush Casa Lola—and make it a point to visit the surrounding islands for a day of paradisiacal beaches and turquoise waters.
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Chengdu, China
If Chinese food and/or pandas are your favorite things, Chengdu could be your dream destination. Situated in the Sichuan province—think hot pot dishes and hot pepper–laden meals—it is a mecca for foodies, and famous for its teahouses. Its other defining feature: the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. Visit between March and May (you can stay at the luxe traditional-meets-modern The Temple House) to, appropriately enough, witness the adorable animals’ “falling in love period.”
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Chiang Mai, Thailand
Known as the “Rose of the North,” Chiang Mai is mountainous city in northern Thailand that delivers stunning cultural attractions—vestiges of ancient infrastructure, elaborately carved temples, charming hill tribes, monasteries—alongside delicious food, adventure camps and elephant sanctuaries. One of the most incredible accommodations is the Four Seasons Chiang Mai, which is plush, lush and surrounded by terraced rice fields and a mystical valley.
Courtesy of Viña Vik Millahue
The incredibly skinny, long country in South America is a bit elusive to most, but has quite a few incredible attractions that make it like nowhere else. For one, there’s Southern Patagonia, a rugged, untouched land of mountains, fjords and glaciers. Also, wine (think lots of reds), best enjoyed from Viña Vik Millahue, a retreat and wine spa. Chile’s also home to Easter Island, dormant and active volcanos, hot springs, stark deserts and sand dunes, colonies of penguins and vibrant, bohemian seaside towns like Valparaiso. In short, it’s a destination of a lifetime.
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Cotswolds, England
If the English countryside sounds idyllic to you, head to the Cotswolds, a rural area full of rolling hills, medieval villages made of golden-colored stone, meadows and thatched cottages. For an authentically posh experience, check out the Soho Farmhouse’s cabins set among 18th-century buildings and lavender-lined paths, with rocking chairs, wood-burning stoves, a boating lake, sauna and hot tub. Bicycles and Wellies await your arrival.
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Whether you want to explore magical crystalline terraced lakes and waterfalls, check out historical sites and ruins, sail around on a yacht, tour cathedrals or even go wild partying, Croatia is the place to do it. The country that stretches down the Mediterranean offers a Greek Isle-like flavor but with its own unique culture and look. Superbly designed sea-view spots like Villa Dubrovnik are what this authentic, unspoiled destination is all about.
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With travel restrictions being lifted this year, Cuba now seems like a no-brainer for newlyweds who tick any of these boxes: love the Caribbean, have an appreciation for vintage cars, enjoy a good cigar or Cuba libre, desire to hear amazing music and stories about its rich history. Beyonce and Jay Z paved the way and made it glamorous to visit the large island of white-sand beaches, tobacco plantations, rolling hills and colorful Spanish colonial architecture. Splurge on the Hotel Saratoga, which is a bit more modernized than most accommodations.
Courtesy of Grace Hotel Santorini
Cyclades, Greece
This group of islands in the Aegean Sea includes favorites like Santorini (where Grace Santorini is fresh off a gorgeous renovation) and Mykonos, home to the new swoon-worthy, entirely farm-to-table Nesaea restaurant. There are also important archaeological ruins, stunning sunset vistas and up-and-coming islands like Paros and Folegrandos, where you can experience the beauty of your surroundings with fewer faces around.
Courtesy of Playa Grande Beach Club via Instagram
Dominican Republic
Habitual hikers can blend their favorite pastime with an otherwise beach-centric vacay in the Dominican Republic, since the nation boasts the tallest mountain in the Caribbean. At more than 10,000 feet, climbers usually summit Pico Duarte over a three-day journey, after which you can snuggle up in a bungalow at the bright and inviting Playa Grande Beach Club and revel more leisurely activities: golfing, snorkeling, watching whales.
Courtesy of One&Only The Palm
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A honeymoon in Dubai means a lot of glitz and glamour. The flashy Middle Eastern destination is one for those who love modern design, a sophisticated city aesthetic and incredible pampering. There are lots of impressive manmade attractions—an island shaped like a palm tree, indoor skiing, a surf park and wave pool—alongside more traditional cultural activities like camel caravans in the desert. The ultimate place to stay: One&Only The Palm, on the edge of that leafy island.
Courtesy of Mukul Resort
Emerald Coast, Nicaragua
On Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, adventure is combined with relaxation in the best possible way. Known for its surfing, wellness retreats and yoga centers, the Pacific area draws those seeking the good life with its thick jungles and stretches of white sand. Precious hideaways like Mukul have upped the ante, bringing five-star service and amenities to the previously wild Eden. The boutique property brings together local art, rum, coffee, spa rituals and nature, of course, in a place that’s as romantic as any place you’ve dreamed.
Courtesy of Laucala
Is there a more classic exotic island honeymoon than Fiji? It’s hard to imagine something better than hopping between five-star resorts on the South Pacific’s 300-plus islands, filled with white sand, palm trees, mountains and blue lagoons. For a dose of heaven on earth, visit Laucala, a private-island destination blending tropical rainforests and volcanos with deserted beaches, sustainable locally grown cuisine and activities ranging from diving and golf to horseback riding and game fishing.
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Florence, Italy
If art and architecture get you hot, think about an Italian excursion. The same can be said for foodies who appreciate fresh, local and authentic cuisine. Florence is a city filled with iconic art and historic sites, as well as intimate little restaurants where you can recreate the romantic scene from Lady and the Tramp. Stay at the glamorous Portrait Firenze and go foraging for truffles, take a cooking class or just wander with your arms around each other and cones of gelato.
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The Florida Keys
Beach lovers will find much to love if they drive as far south as possible in the continental United States. The Florida Keys, a coral cay archipelago, have the look of a Caribbean paradise but are readily accessible if you have a car. The most known is Key West, but all the keys have a decidedly more laid-back vibe than the mainland. Settle in at a tropical wonderland like Casa Morada and enjoy the area’s mangroves, hammocks, sandbars, turquoise waters, calypso tunes and rum runners.
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Goa, India
The rich history of Goa somehow makes the western Indian state that much more beautiful. While you enjoy its golden-sand Arabian Sea beaches and relaxed fishing villages, you can fantasize about what it must have been like as a Portuguese colony hundreds of years ago. Studded by tropical spice plantations and stunning architecture, the destination also offers spiritual activities (reiki, t’ai chi, meditation, yoga), verdant countryside (book the Fire Room at Nilaya Hermitage) and, if you want to let loose, wild, all-night parties.
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Great Barrier Reef, Australia
News that rising temperatures are killing the Great Barrier Reef should only be more motivation to see its wondrous underwater world before it’s too late. It’s the ultimate destination for newlyweds who are into diving, snorkeling and swimming, with hundreds of types of coral and aquatic creatures. Resorts like the One&Only Hayman Island also offer amazing food, heli tours and other land-based activities, but the star of the show is undoubtedly the Coral Sea.
© Gundolf Pfotenhauer, Courtesy of Coppola Resorts
It’s next to Mexico, but Guatemala is its own distinctive place. The Central American nation is colorful and charming, with parts like Antigua with Spanish colonial buildings and cobblestone streets, and other areas that are thick with rainforests and steep volcanos. There’s culture to be had in the form of ancient Mayan ruins, as well as several museums in Guatemala City, where buzzing nightlife balances out the history. Get away from civilization in casitas on stilts at Francis Ford Coppola’s lakeside La Lancha, where friendly howler monkeys will lull you to sleep—or wake you up for a beautiful day in the rainforest.

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Harbour Island, Bahamas
There’s something special about the sand on Harbour Island. On some beaches, it’s the whitest you’ve likely ever seen, and on the Atlantic side it’s famously pink, light blush in the day and vibrant rose during the sunset. (For the best access to those pink beaches, try the adjacent Dunmore Hotel.) The historic Caribbean island paradise is a getaway where you can do nothing but enjoy the simple pleasures of life or, if you’re a little more ambitious, swim, fish, play tennis and scuba dive.

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Hong Kong, China
Real city slickers with a love for luxury will swoon over Hong Kong, the former British colony in southeastern China. Not only will epic hotels such as The Upper House—overlooking Victoria Harbour, it’s incredibly chic and well-appointed without being stuffy—create indelible memories, so will an in-depth tour of the celebrated cuisine scene (from fine to simple street food), which is like the holy grail for foodies.

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Hydra Island, Greece
With its hundreds of islands, Greece provides more than a few quintessential honeymoon destinations. Hydra, just a 90 minute boat ride from Athens (which is also advisable for a few nights, at the chic, artistic NEW Hotel), is one of them. No motor vehicles are allowed on the island (try or Hotel Leto, in town), setting the scene for lots of romantic strolls on the marble-combed lanes, especially under the warm lights by night.

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Reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland is for adventurers. Its lengthy list of attractions includes the spectacular Northern Lights in the wintertime (stay at Ion for an impeccable viewpoint), seemingly endless opportunities for trekking, steamy hot springs and lagoons, riding the country’s famously tiny but strong horses, and exploration of caves, volcanos, ice fields and glaciers. The land of fire and ice may be cold, but there’s enough adrenaline and romance to keep it hot.

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An island doesn’t have to be tropical to be stunning, as Ireland proves with its lush green rolling hills and dramatic sea cliffs. It may not allow many opportunities to don a bikini, but the country more than makes up for that slight setback in sheer quantity of fairytale-worthy castles, natural wonders and ancient sites. Plan to spend a bit of time in the city, like at Dublin’s boudoir-style Dylan hotel, as well as a bit of bucolic R&R in a luxurious country house or castle.

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Natural beauty, sake, sushi, history, culture—Japan balances rich ancient heritage with the modern in its awe-inspiring cities and maintains a vast network of hikes and walks for those more inclined to nature. There’s skiing and shrines, cat cafes and stunning coastline. Tokyo is a city that lights up all the senses (consider the cool boutique hotel Claska), while Kyoto boasts more than a dozen UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the country boasts chains of coral islands, too.

Courtesy of Playa Vik
Jose Ignacio, Uruguay
Uruguay isn’t on everyone’s radar, yet, which is one of the reasons it’s such a fabulous honeymoon spot. Situated above Argentina, Jose Ignacio—and the nearby Punta del Este—is a sometimes sleepy, sometimes incredibly popular resort town marked by immaculate Atlantic beaches, verdant hills and quaint villages, and a casual, communal vibe. At the remote and contemporary-styled Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio in the plains you can bike, canoe and ride horses, while the The Grand Hotel offers a prime beach setting.

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Kauai, Hawaii
You might think Hawaii is all beaches, but you’d be wrong about Kauai, an island that is almost all covered in tropical rainforest. This lush setting is as beautiful as it is romantic. Spend your time venturing from giant cliffs to canyons on canopied roads with mountain hikes and lazy beach days between. Romance is alive and well at the bespoke clifftop St. Regis Princeville Resort and opulent Grand Hyatt Kauai, where you can dine in a hut suspended over a koi pond.

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Vietnam has it all: beaches, colorful culture, Buddhist pagodas, rivers, French colonial landmarks and sophisticated cities. And the food. Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and Hanoi are major metropolises, while Hoi An, Mui Ne and Hue offer more rural charm along with art and sandy coastline that’s as pristine as any island. Try the Six Senses Ninh Van Bay for a secluded coastal hideaway. The Southeast Asian country is fairly large, so you might want to consider a road trips to experience the most varied markets, treks, cuisine and temples.

Courtesy of Grand Hotel Tremezzo
Lake Como, Italy
You shouldn’t pick Lake Como just because George Clooney might be there—you’re both married now after all!—but you should choose it if you appreciate rugged natural beauty. Set in Northern Italy, the deep blue lake is ensconced in the forested Alps foothills and surrounded by Mediterranean-style villas and exceedingly luxurious hotels, some with their pools actually floating in the lake (Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Villa d’Este). What more could you want?

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Las Vegas, Nevada
Does Sin City sound like a surprising place to kick off married life? It’s most likely a place you think about for bachelor or bachelorette parties, but it does offer plenty of romance too, if you know where to look. Start off with a stay at the exceptionally luxurious The Mansion at MGM (where you’ll get chauffeured in a Rolls Royce Phantom) or Mandarin Oriental (the only hotel not connected to a casino), and make plans to indulge in the city’s world-famous culinary scene, see a show like Zumanity, and maybe even take a walk to the Eiffel Tower, always a cute spot for a photo op.

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Little Corn Island, Nicaragua
Looking for an off-the-beaten-track, tourist-free place in the tropics to gaze into each other’s eyes? Little Corn Island, on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua, could be for you. The remote isle is virtually undiscovered, and has no motorized vehicles and few visitors. There are vibrant reefs, lush vegetation, white sands and an authentic, strong sense of African culture. Featuring eco-chic cabanas on the sea, a tranquil spa and open-air restaurant, Yemaya Resort—run by locals who strive toward 100 percent sustainability—is pure nirvana.

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London can be just as alluring as Bora Bora if you’re a couple who’s enchanted by strolls in Hyde Park, world-class museums, celebrated restaurants and plenty of culture, not to mention the idea of royalty. The posh destination has some of the finest accommodations in the world—consider The Connaught or The Savoy—which, of course, sets the tone for romance. When it’s time to leave your lavish crash pad, the city is your oyster: cheesy tourist activities like a double-decker bus can be just as fun as a fancy high tea or tour of the Tower of London.

Courtesy of The Cape Los Cabos
Los Cabos
For West Coasters especially, there’s no simpler honeymoon destination than Los Cabos, the pair of towns at the very tip of the Baja California Peninsula. There you’ll find all the hallmarks of an authentic Mexican village in San Jose del Cabo, paired with dozens of pristine beaches for above- and underwater activities and divine resorts with some of the most personalized service in the world. For your own plunge pool and rooftop telescope for stargazing, stay at the elegantly minimalist Las Ventanas al Paraíso, or try The Cape, a beautiful new hotel with a rooftop bar and Enrique Olvera restaurant.

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If mountains, wide lakes and rocky coastline sound enticing, head to the northernmost U.S. state, Maine, after the wedding. Full of charming Victorian-style B&Bs and inns, it’s a stunning and visually stimulating part of the country to explore. In somewhere like Kennebunkport or Bar Harbor (where Harborside Hotel has jacuzzis overlooking the marina), you can hike, fish and eat fresh, buttery lobster to your heart’s content.

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Hear Maldives and you instantly think honeymoon. The tropical South Asian nation is made up of 26 coral atolls in the Indian Ocean, which means unlimited beaches, turquoise waters for miles, extensive reefs and plenty of fresh fish and seafood. You’re pretty secluded at whichever of the luxurious resorts you choose—such as the Four Seasons and several Anantara locations—so expect a vacation filled with intimate meals, spa treatments, underwater adventures and just plain relaxation.

Courtesy of Do You Travel via Instagram
Marrakech, Morocco
Do you and your partner share an intense curiosity about the world? If so, a simple beach holiday won’t do. Think about exploring somewhere exotic like Morocco. In Marrakech, a Berber-era medieval walled city, you’ll dine on mouthwatering dishes, navigate the mazelike souks holding hands, watch storytellers and musicians perform and feast your eyes on spectacular architecture and design. You can stay like kings at the palatial La Mamounia or the chic TM Nights Riad 38. It’s a whole new side of romance.

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Martha’s Vineyard
With Martha’s Vineyard just off the coast of Massachusetts, you don’t have to go far for a memorable lovers’ getaway. Hop a ferry and relax, you can do as much or as little as desired on the island that’s home to countless charming revamped 19th-century inns (Hob Knob Inn, Charlotte Inn). Options include kayaking, horseback riding, sailing, tennis, biking or simply beaching. Spend quality time over long dinners of freshly caught seafood, or on DIY picnics and sunset drinks.

Courtesy of Cap Est Lagoon Resort
Yes, Martinique has knockout beaches, but it’s a bit different from the other Caribbean islands in a few ways. First, it’s for a great part a volcano, and it’s still smoldering. Also, it claims a singular blend of French and West Indian culture, which is evident in the gastronomy, music and fashion. Experience the dynamic island from the idyllic Cap Est Lagoon Resort.

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Maui, Hawaii
When it’s exotic you’re going for, but you don’t want to go far, Maui is an excellent choice. The second-largest island in Hawaii has incredibly diverse geography that allows for almost any activity you can imagine: windsurfing, snorkeling, hiking, outrigger canoeing and zip-lining, to name just a few. The serene Andaz Maui puts an emphasis on sustainability, and the authentic Travaasa Hana is at the end of an exhilarating drive past waterfalls and forests.

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts
As Mark Twain wrote, “Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius.” The French-speaking African island in the Indian Ocean blends adventure and relaxation, thanks to rainforests, waterfalls, exotic animals and colonial plantations encircled by white-sand beaches and elaborate coral reefs. The Oberoi is one of the premiere properties, where you can have romantic beach dinners, local spa therapies, cooking classes and go stargazing.
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Melbourne, Australia
If you let your tastebuds be your honeymoon guide, they might just lead you to Melbourne. As the second-largest city in Australia and capital of Victoria, it’s famous for its international food scene, especially its Asian cuisine. Beyond top-notch restaurants, it’s known for beautiful suburbs, a significant art and culture scene—don’t miss a stroll through the laneways—and magical beaches just outside the city. Also worth a drive from your hotel (consider Crown Metropol) Yarra Valley, a top destination for wine and bucolic landscapes.
Courtesy of Coqui Coqui Resort
Merida, Mexico
The sandy shores of Mexico are unquestionably gorgeous, but some of the most visually exciting spots are inland. Merida, the capital of Yucatan, is one example. With strong colonial heritage it features stunning architectural displays—limestone churches, cathedrals, pyramids—by previous cultures including the Mayans. Nightly happenings downtown, vibrant markets, fascinating museums—if that’s your idea of a good time, book it to the sexy, Belle Epoque-era Coqui Coqui Merida Residence & Spa for a memorable and unique trip.
Courtesy of The Resort at Paws Up
Southwestern Montana
Thanks to truly five-star destinations like The Ranch at Rock Creek and The Resort at Paws Up, Montana, an unlikely place perhaps, comes out as a leader for domestic honeymoons. Appealing to newlyweds who want to be as active as they are pampered, these all-inclusive working ranches don’t come cheap, but deliver big when it comes to authentic Western adventure and outdoor activities alongside fine cuisine and unmatched service in a breathtaking environment.
Courtesy of Round Hill Hotel
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Escape to the land of reggae to celebrate your post-nuptial bliss. The Caribbean island is defined by not just the music of Bob Marley, but its rainforests, reef-lined coast and vibrant British colonial architecture. At the five-star Round Hill Hotel, a former sugarcane plantation-turned-resort outside Montego Bay, laid-back beach days blend together, punctuated by dips in the sea, bites of authentic cuisine, sips of handcrafted cocktails and visits to the oceanview yoga pavilion or spa.
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Montreal, Canada
As the cultural capital of Canada, traveling to French-speaking Montreal is a little bit like jetting off to Europe. With a distinctive combination of old and new, the city is undeniably romantic year-round. It’s a place to indulge a bit, since it has a reputation for fine food. Get a taste of its old-world charm at Auberge du Vieux-Port, or opt for an artistic modern experience at St Paul Hotel.
Courtesy of andBeyond Benguerra Island Resort
Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique
If you haven’t experienced the Indian Ocean, your honeymoon is a perfect opportunity. Mozambique’s protected Bazaruto Archipelago is a stunning introduction, with bright fish, dolphins and turtles swimming in its clear waters, and pink flamingos flying overhead. You’ll be in the lap of luxury at the new andBeyond Benguerra Island resort, which is the perfect unspoiled place for intimate adventures outdoors.
Courtesy of Montpelier Plantation & Beach
Nevis Island
If you have a soft spot for sea turtles, exotic birds or simply want to escape on a palm-fringed beach, jet away to Nevis, a tiny Caribbean island in the West Indies beside St. Kitts that celebrates the good life. Dive at Booby High Shoals, hike Mt. Nevis, bike along bougainvillea and spy on hummingbirds—it’s all doable from the romantic grounds of Montpelier Plantation & Beach, an ultra-relaxing five-star hotel on a former sugar plantation.
Courtesy of the Henry Howard Hotel
New Orleans
What better place to fete your newlywed status than a city that’s essentially one big nonstop party? New Orleans, or the Big Easy, has enough influences from other cultures—French, African, European—that it almost feels like being in another country. With an excess of electrifying live music, distinctive cuisine and charming architecture and style, the city is ideal for social butterflies who don’t require too much alone time. Book a vintage-infused room at the Garden District’s boutique hot spot, the Henry Howard Hotel.
Getty Images
New York
New Yorkers know the Big Apple is ripe for romance. Boating in Central Park, Sleepless in Seattle–style rendezvous on the Empire State Building, strolls through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. There are literally endless ways to wile away your days in the metropolis if you just use your imagination. And set the tone with a plush place to sleep like The Chatwal, a prohibition era–style spot hidden away in the middle of all the action, or the age-old five-star favorite, The St. Regis New York.
Courtesy of El Rio y Mar
Palawan, Philippines
If you believe the buzz, Palawan might just be the most beautiful island on the entire globe, which means it’s an obvious choice for your most romantic getaway ever. The water around the province of the Philippines is as clear and turquoise as can be, and it boasts two aquatic UNESCO World Heritage sites, a subterranean river and marine park. Swim, eat, hike, repeat, and sleep, as close to the stunning sea as possible, like at El Rio y Mar resort.
Getty Images
Paris, France
Talk about a no-brainer. Paris is the City of Lights, but it might as well be called the City of Love. If you appreciate a great romantic walk hand-in-hand, you’ll love the French capital, which offers culture, architecture and art alongside, of course, incredible food and wine. From iconic luxury stalwarts like the Four Seasons George V to impeccably designed new boutique hotels such as Hotel Providence Paris, you can tailor a honeymoon to your style, whether it’s classic and fancy or more boho and artsy.
Courtesy of Montage Deer Valley
Park City, Utah
There are not many places that are as beautiful in the winter as they are in the summer, but the alpine region of Utah accomplishes both. With top-rated ski and snowboard facilities in Park City and Deer Valley, plus hiking and biking trails by summer, the high-altitude area is perfect for adrenaline junkies. Uberluxe properties like Montage Deer Valley ensure there is plenty of pampering to go along with all that activity.
Getty Images
Portland, Oregon
Domestic getaways can run the risk of feeling less exciting than international, but in and around Portland there’s so much going on that’s not a problem. There’s the natural beauty of the snowy Mount Hood, countless parks and bike paths, gardens, a hip music and art scene and trendy microbreweries and restaurants. Outside the city, take your time on the gorgeous drives to other mountains, up the coast or to Willamette Valley (stay at The Allison Inn & Spa) for pours of Pinot Noir.
Getty Images
Prague, Czech Republic
Throughout every season, romance is in the air in Prague. The Czech Republic capital with hundreds of spires, fairytale cobblestone streets, statue-lined bridges, gothic architecture and countless jaw-dropping views seems made for strolling hand-in-hand with one’s lover. Bask in the beauty of the magical city from the chic BoHo hotel, a renovated Art Deco post office that’s adjacent to Old Town.
Getty Images
Puerto Rico
This unincorporated U.S. territory in the Caribbean is a easy, rewarding spot to escape to post-wedding. Lush mountains, waterfalls and tropical rainforest meet white-sand beaches and snorkel-ready reefs in Puerto Rico. For an intimate, idyllic stay, journey to the retro tropical modern–styled El Blok in Vieques, a separate tiny island full of wild horses and secluded beaches. Don’t miss a boat tour at Bioluminescent Bay, where the water glows blue-green by night.
Getty Images
Queenstown, New Zealand
Year-round, Queenstown is a perfect honeymoon choice for outdoors enthusiasts. In the wintertime it offers incredible skiing, snowboarding and all sorts of activities in the fresh powder of the Southern Alps; in the summer it’s all about lake-centric adventures, bungee jumping, mountain biking and paragliding. But despite the countless opportunities to get a little crazy, luxury hotels like Matakauri Lodge provide ample opportunity for romance, which will likely be fueled by renowned wines from the Central Otago region nearby.
Getty Images
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Pack a lot of bikinis for leisurely days on the iconic Copacabana and Ipanema beaches made more dramatic by jagged mountains in the background. If you love dressing up, time your honeymoon to the always raucous Carnaval festival around February. Or take a more intimate approach. At the glamorous Belmond Copacabana Palace, concierge can arrange a private sunrise picnic at the famous Christ the Redeemer statue.
Courtesy of Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba
Sacred Valley, Peru
Nestled in Peru’s Andean highlands, the Sacred Valley comprises gorgeous valley towns like Urubamba and Aguas Calientes, where one travels to ascend Machu Picchu. Understandably, a honeymoon in this unique destination is for those who live to enjoy nature in all its glory. Both Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba and Tambo del Inka are flawless resorts that marry an eco-aware spirit with thrilling activities, cultural traditions and pure luxury. Make sure not to have too many pisco sours—alcohol doesn’t exactly help altitude sickness.
Getty Images
San Sebastian, Spain
The ideal combination of city and beach can be found in San Sebastian, Spain. The Basque Country resort destination also happens to have one of the best food scenes in the world—think Michelin stars and tapas (called pinxto) bars around every turn. You don’t have to surf to enjoy the beautiful beaches, and it’s impossible not to be lured out by the happening nightlife. Even better, urban-chic accommodations like Astoria7 Hotel are affordable and in the center of everything.
Getty Images
San Blas Islands, Panama
You’ll need a boat to reach the San Blas Islands, an insanely stunning archipelago that’s part of Panama but has political autonomy and is also accessible from Cartagena, Colombia. They’re hard to get to but that’s part of the appeal, and the reward is a Robinson Crusoe–style private paradise. There’s not a whole lot to do, which is again kind of the point. Swim or laze at the snow-white beaches, sip coconuts, snorkel at a shipwreck, shop for molas and cuddle up in your bed early after a starlit beach walk.
Getty Images
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
With its narrow cobblestone streets and sparkling spirit San Miguel de Allende proves that a body of water isn’t a prerequisite for a starry-eyed adventure. The high-altitude colonial-era city seems to have magical golden-hour light at all times. With culture oozing out of every crack, it has winning art, music, food and design—all of these come together in a stunning way at Hotel Matilda. And don’t forget tequila: There is plenty of the Mexican spirit to enjoy as you explore.
Peter Artemenko, Courtesy of Florblanca
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
On the Pacific side of Costa Rica, Santa Teresa is a tiny beach town that’s a quaint alternative to the bigger chain resorts to the north. Surfing is one of the main pastimes here, which makes for a mellow, zen kind of vibe. There’s wildlife everywhere, the ocean is warm, the waves are perfect and the rainforest above the beach is home to creative kitchens and boutique-y hotels such as Florblanca Resort and Milarepa.
Courtesy of Ponta dos Ganchos
Santa Catarina, Brazil
In the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, you’re guaranteed the most beach for your buck—almost 350 miles of coastline, to be exact. There are also sandy islands, dazzling surf villages (south of Florianópolis) and, somewhat randomly, a strong German influence (evident mostly in the architecture, beer and blond, blue-eyed population). The super private, kid-free Ponta dos Ganchos—with rainforest, oyster farms, reiki and whale-watching—is a prime perch for enjoying the sunny state.
Getty Images
Sedona, Arizona
If you pride yourselves on being in touch with nature, Sedona could be a natural way to fill the first few days after you wed. There are a plethora of ways you can enjoy and experience the desert’s radiant red rocks and dramatic formations, steep canyons and forests, and they can be as simple as a picnic or watching a dreamy sunset. With a slight New Age-y vibe, wellness is top of mind here and that translates to lots of renowned spas (like at the exceptional L’Auberge de Sedona—that means you can say adios to any lingering wedding stress pronto.
Getty Images
If the Caribbean or Hawaiian islands are old hat for you beach bums, think about a trip to the island nation of the Seychelles, which comprises 115 islands off the coast of East Africa. There, alongside the requisite coral reefs, extraordinary beaches and nature reserves, lives rare wildlife like giant tortoises. The electric landscape is dotted with such first-class resorts as the Four Seasons and Banyan Tree, which should be on everyone’s honeymoon wish list.
Getty Images
Sicily, Italy
In Sicily, you can experience island vibes and Italian vibes—the best of two worlds. Hanging right off the toe of Italy’s boot, it straddles the divide between Europe and Africa and is the largest isle in the Mediterranean. Appropriately, the out-of-this-world food isn’t the only thing that’s diverse—there’s architecture, art and ruins from many different influences. Likewise, accommodations from which to soak it all in run the gamut, from colorful farmhouses (Hotel Signum) to sea-facing suites (Monaci delle Terre Nere) to Baroque residences (Seven Rooms Villadorata)
Getty Images
Siem Reap, Cambodia
You don’t need to be a believer to be humbled and wowed by Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world. The incredible architectural feat that was built some thousand years ago by the Khmers is without a doubt the most famous attraction in Siem Reap, but it’s not the only one. Floating villages, rare-bird sanctuaries, luxurious spas—like the one at Phum Baitang, an intimate, impressive, lush property—and fine dining are a few other reasons for you and your partner in crime to explore the enchanting region.
Getty Images
Sonoma, California
Lovers who share a passion for California wine will find their ultimate destination in Sonoma, the sort of sister region to Napa, with a cooler, more unique feel. Food is locally grown, experimental and exceedingly gourmet; hotels are eco-friendly (like the beautifully designed h2hotel in Healdsburg) and comfortable, and you can opt to get exercise with your wine tasting via bikes. For a little more variety, stay in a tiny inn in the Russian River Valley, where you can also check out the redwood forests and river beaches.
Courtesy of Tri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Rainforests, beaches, Buddhist ruins, wildlife, cities and citadels—for such a tiny country, Sri Lanka offers an incredible amount of diversity to visitors. The exotic island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is rugged but also polished, with cuisine that represents a melting pot of cultures. Honeymooners can visit temples, go backpacking or on safari in national parks and surf. Settle into the lush, LEED-certified solar farm-slash-boutique hotel Ulagalla or stay at the newest chic spot on the coast, the wellness-minded Tri Lanka, in Galle.
Courtesy of Le Sereno
St. Barts
Known as St. Barts, this Caribbean island is an obvious choice for a vacation when romance is the goal. With 22 breathtaking beaches—many often deserted since you have to hike in—all the rosé you could drink and the charms of a French village, it’s an ideal place to unwind from the wedding. For an intimate, breezy beachfront stay, opt for the popular Le Sereno.
Getty Images
Stockholm, Sweden
The capital of Sweden is quite a special and distinctive place, worthy of a couple who have an eye for design and a love of natural beauty. Romantic backdrops are scattered all over the city’s walkable islands—it’s part of an archipelago in the Baltic Sea—along with colorful architecture, innovative cuisine and storybook neighborhoods. For a city stay, book the minimalist Miss Clara or leafy hideaway Ett Hem, and make sure to venture outside Stockholm too, into the picture-perfect forests that surround it.
Courtesy of The Chedi Muscat
Sultanate of Oman
A honeymoon in Oman is unexpected, perhaps, but not without merit. The nation on the Arabian Peninsula features long, beautiful coastlines; wondrous mountains and also stark, arid deserts with stunning dunes, home for the Bedouins. A sense of ancient heritage pervades the region, which isn’t as flashy as Dubai and offers much more in the way of natural beauty. At stunningly dramatic resorts such as The Chedi Muscat you’ll be made to feel like royalty.
Getty Images
You might recognize Tahiti as the subject of many of painter Paul Gauguin’s exotic, colorful paintings. The largest island in French Polynesia, it’s a place where you can sunbathe to your heart’s content on black-sand beaches but also get active in lagoons, waterfalls and on the extinct volcanos, and experience local culture. Laze on white beaches at Le Meridien Tahiti, or rent out Motu Moie, an entire private island full of coconut palms and tropical flowers.
Kilindi Zanzibar
A honeymoon in Tanzania could very well comprise two incredibly different parts: the Serengeti and Zanzibar. The former is the massive and iconic national park that is known for the migration of wildebeast, zebra and other creatures, the latter is the semiautonomous island nation off the country’s coast. From a top resort there, like the opulent Baraza Resort & Spa or intimate Kilindi Zanzibar, you’ll experience completely opposite terrain: turquoise National Geographic–worthy dive sites, fishing villages, extensive beaches and reefs.
Courtesy of Carlton Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel
With its sun-drenched Mediterranean coastline and cosmopolitan status, Tel Aviv is perhaps more unexpected than it should be as a honeymoon locale. It boasts beaches, incredible nightlife, mouthwatering food—often served at open-air cafes—and a lively waterfront promenade and the striking White City, the neighborhood filled with eye-catching 1930s Bauhaus-style architecture. From the Carlton Tel Aviv’s rooftop cabana, you can watch the sun drop below the horizon.
Courtesy of Zamas Tulum
Tulum, Mexico
The former hippie haven of Tulum, in the southern Yucatan Peninsula below the Riviera Maya, is the destination for couples with an appreciation for slightly rustic luxury. Jungle meets pristine beaches in the slightly wild town, which boasts natural attractions in the form of crystal-clear cenotes (underwater limestone caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites) as well as ancient Mayan ruins. Try Be Tulum for a luxurious, exotic stay, or the boho chic Zamas Hotel, known for its margaritas.
Courtesy of Turks and Caicos Tourism via Instagram
Turks and Caicos
Southeast of the Bahamas, in the Atlantic Ocean, lie the Turks and Caicos, not two islands as might be assumed, but 40. The coral islands are are a bit exotic and totally luxurious, with few people to fill up the countless stark-white beaches. Book into the glamorous Seven Stars Resort on Providenciales, beside a marine preserve, for the best access to those sheer turquoise waters via scuba, snorkel or sail.
Getty Images
For an active honeymoon, Canada’s cool seaport of Vancouver has a lot to offer. Its unique setting, surrounded by mountains and also water, makes it popular for a number of outdoor adventures, but it’s also known for its lively art and music scenes. Whatever you choose to spend your days doing—from the confines of the chic city-centric Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver or romantic, forested Wickaninnish Inn—the natural beauty can’t be topped.
Getty Images
Vietnam has it all: beaches, colorful culture, Buddhist pagodas, rivers, French colonial landmarks and sophisticated cities. And the food. Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and Hanoi are major metropolises, while Hoi An, Mui Ne and Hue offer more rural charm along with art and sandy coastline that’s as pristine as any island. Try the Six Senses Ninh Van Bay for a secluded coastal hideaway. The Southeast Asian country is fairly large, so you might want to consider a road trips to experience the most varied markets, treks, cuisine and temples.
Getty Images
Western Australia
The largest state in Australia—it makes up one third of the entire country—is perhaps its most beautiful, and undiscovered. Of course there are sizable cities like up-and-coming Perth (where COMO The Treasury is a new gem of a hotel, spa and dining destination), but much of Western Australia is simply wild outback terrain, iconic beaches, vineyards and fertile plains. There’s also a phenomenon called Horizontal Falls in the Kimberley region, which is exactly what it sounds like, and some of the best surfing and diving (especially Rottnest Island) anywhere.
Getty Images
Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Along with neighboring Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo offers honeymooners a blend of excitement and relaxation, TLC and culture. Whether renting surfboards or ATVs, deep-sea fishing, practicing yoga, shopping at the market and taking cooking lessons, or simply lazing about in the infinity pools at Viceroy Zihuatanejo, you can indulge your every whim. The sexy resort even offers special couples’ experiences, like the candlelit mezcal and chocolate pairing in a private plunge pool.
Getty Images
If exotic animals and dramatic landscapes rank high on your list of priorities, book the real trip of a lifetime: a safari in Zimbabwe. The landlocked country is slightly less popular with tourists than Kenya, and has equally enticing wildlife—elephants, leopards, lions, rhinos, zebras—along with stunning sand dunes, Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfall in the world. There, you can get more adrenaline pumping with a whitewater rafting trip down the Zambezi, or bungee jumping in Batoka Gorge.

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