Social media is killing traditional values – DJ Premier

Social media has become a blessing and curse to these generations of human. It serves us with everything we want in our daily activities both emotionally and socially.

Social media is a major market center for buying and selling in this technological era, it has also been a common place for celebrities and non-celebrities to build their brand and communicate with their fan base and followers.

This same media platform also assists many economically when they transact businesses on social without indulging themselves in negative things. The users of social media in one way or the other make friends with people they haven’t met before and it could end up in a positive relationship.

Over a period now, it seems some Ghanaian youths and celebrities have misunderstood the use of social med, which is breaking the culture values of Ghana’s traditions.

Due to this, ace radio personality Bismark Boachie as he is officially referred to, but known by many radio lovers as DJ Premier, with an Accra based radio station Accra FM has spoken about the use of social media by Ghanaian youth and celebrities.

DJ Premiere disclosed to Flex newspaper that, one major cause of misusing social media in the country recently has to do with the fact that we don’t implement the laws of the country and also we lack education in the area of technology.

He continued to say that; social media has complicated or changed a lot of things in the system, though it comes with its own negative and positive effects. He however stated that at least there are some other people who are using it wisely. Dj Premier stated that a lot more education would be needed of the use of social media in order to sanitize the system.

The ace radio presenter again, outlined the good sides of social media by saying that since we are in the technological era and also in a globe village, social media is the best tool for mass communication and also sharing of information with others.

‘ ‘Many people lack confidence naturally, but due to social media, many get the chance to speak their minds and opinions on issues. Also, others who lack funds to do promotions or adverts of their products or brands use the same platform to do that” he said. Obviously, the Ghanaian community is faced with a lot of challenges because of the introduction of social media. Hence, DJ Premier’s point of saying social media is slowly killing our traditional values as a country.

‘People prefer chatting with you on social media even if they are close to you, which is wayward to Ghanaian traditions and culture. Also, many hide their faces behind social media and disrespect people, be it old or young” he stated. It is so clear that some Ghanaian celebrities and youths are now using social media to achieve fame and stardom by displaying their nude pictures and videos on the various platforms, which nobody is been punished for doing that.

”How can we award or praise someone who uses disrespectful words or nude pictures and videos to achieve fame? Where are we going as a Christian country and what are we telling the world about us” he added. The entertainment show host urged the government and security authorities to check on various social media platforms each day in order to come out with a plan which will reduce these indecent behaviours of our celebrities and youth and also to protect our culture and traditional values.

He again revealed that because the law against such act is not working, it will be difficult to halt it outright. But believes if someone is being arrested for such behaviour, people will put a stop to such acts.

DJ Premier went ahead to task his colleagues in the media to be responsible for the indecent bahaviours put up by our celebrities and youth by ignoring stories that are not necessary to discuss on the various platforms. He further asked the religious bodies to do their bit to bring about sanity among the youth and our celebrities.


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