How to prepare ‘kontomire stew’ and boiled plantain the Ghanaian way

Kontomire (Spinach)
Salted tilapia
Grilled Salmon
Palm oil

Wash kontomire and pepper. Boil afterwards
Soak Salted tilapia in water to reduce the salt content
Wash all vegetables
Peel plantain and boil with enough water.
Add the eggs to the boiling plantain
Chop onion and tomatoes
When the kontomire and pepper are soft, drain the water and grind in asanka
Add half onion to the kontomire and grind
Heat palm oil in a saucepan, add onion and allow to simmer.
When the edges of the onion of brown, add the salted tilapia and grilled salmon.
After 3-5 minutes, add the tomatoes and stir continuously.
Turn off the heat and put the content onto the kontomire.
Check if the plantains are soft, remove the eggs. Then add water and allow to boil
Remove the eggs shells, wash and add the kontomire.
Drain off all the water from the plantain and serve.
Garnish the kontomire stew with avocado and serve.

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