Ghanaians should stop using Nigeria as a marking scheme – Praye Tietia (Video)

Veteran hiplife star Praye Tetia, known in real life as Stephen Fiawoo who was a member of the defunct Praye music group has advised Ghanaians to stop making Nigerian musicians a marking scheme for artistes.

Speaking to Blogger Attractive Mustapha at the recently held Legendary Night event in Accra, Praye Tetia wondered the rationale behind the incessant comparison of the Ghanaian Entertainment industry and that of Nigeria.

He recounted how his group could fill auditoriums in the Diaspora and cause human traffic due to overflow of fans that gather to patronize their shows during their heydays as a group.

Praye Tietia is of the view that if Ghanaians do not stop setting standards for the music industry based on the heights of Nigerian counterparts, we are bound to remain stagnant and keep complaining.

He advised that industry players come together to improve the situation to make the industry bigger.

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