I didn’t add Mr. Beautiful’s face to my posters because of his political affiliation — Director Famous speaks

Three days after an unfortunate altercation between himself and Ghanaian actor Clement Bonney popularly known as Mr. Beautiful, movie producer and director Famous has given details on what led to the incident.

It is recalled that the two were engaged in a near fistfight but onlookers separated them during the premiere of the most anticipated feature film, Galamsey.

According to Mr. Beautiful, he felt disrespected as to why his face was absent from commercial fliers and promos circulating during the producer’s media tour and on the day of the premiere.

His quest to know the reason for his absence went unanswered as Director Famous remained silent on the reason.

In a recent interview on Okay FM, Director Famous revealed that he excluded Mr. Beautiful’s pictures from the fliers due to his political affiliation which has angered a lot of movie lovers in the country.

“Of course, I quarreled with Mr. Beautiful and it is because he was upset that I had exempted his picture from the fliers, it was a strategy I had employed to get people to come in to watch the movie and see him.

I exempted him also because he has a problem with politics and Ghana is not going to be happy with him because of past political affiliations and I didn’t want to get my movie affiliated with any political party’s colors,” he stated.

Director Famous believes that Ghanaians’ behavior towards the political choices of celebrities continues to be a bane to the development of the country’s movie industry.

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