Ghanaians in Diaspora don’t support their own like Nigerians do – Praye Tietia (video)

A member of the “Angelina” hitmaker group Stephen Fiawoo, known in showbix as Praye Tietia has called out Ghanaians in the Diaspora for their attitude towards local artistes as part of the reasons that have contributed to low hype and lack of market for Ghanaian musicians internationally.

In an interview Blogger Attractive Mustapha, Praye Tietia mentioned that Ghanaians living abroad cannot be left out when enumerating causes of the seeming low patronage of our local artistes in events in the diaspora.

He explained that other nationals, especially Nigerians support their artistes in several ways which should be emulated by Ghanaians.
Praye Tietia said Nigerians attend events by merely receiving notice or an idea of the event so far as their native musician is on the programme. They enjoy listening to their music more than other people’s music.

Praye Tietia also mentioned that all stakeholders in the industry including the artistes themselves and organizers of events have a major role to play to promote local artistes to an acceptable international level.

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