Ebony replies Bossbae with Ediot

Stoner records female front liner BossBae has been on Ebony’s case for some time now.
She recently released a diss song titled ‘Who Crown Dem’ which is receiving incredible buzz online.

Just at the point everyone taught the beef has frayed, Ebony sent a reply with her new song ‘Ediot’.
She posted a video on her social media page which translate ‘people ask stupid questions’.

ALSO: Click Here For Ediot By Ebony

Bossbae took to twitter and addressed herself as an International Bad Gyal with a tweet that had Ebony’s
handle tagged. Sources close to Bossbae gave a green light to a part two of ‘Who Crown Dem’.

This non-fisticuffs warfare between these two musicians looks interesting and obviously contains so much
juice for the industry.

Checkout this tweet from Bossbae’s timeline below:

What do you think?

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