The best of comedy with a touch of music as key players are honoured

The Comic Award Ghana took place at the National Theatre on Friday, September 1, 2017. For the event being the first edition of what could happen yearly, organisation on stage should be applauded despite the show starting 58 minutes later than scheduled.

Attendance was not great. Maybe that could be attributed to a nation not so familiar with stand-up comedy that they’d sacrifice 100 Ghana Cedis for a one night laugh.
But we all could get there, gradually.

Without knowing what to expect, the Comic Awards’ first time out proved to be a mixture of great jokes, performances, and music bundled in a single entertainment package.
The night started with Khemikal and Jacinta throwing a few banter around as the MCs.
Okokobioko was the first to perform on the night as he warmed the audience into a night of rib cracking jokes.

Parrot Mouth followed with a more daring act. His bold moves saw him shade members of the audience and Ghanaians despite his repeated claims of his love for Ghana.
Lekzy the comic as always mixed his English and twi to make funny jokes. The Ghanaian standup comedian showcased another skill where he discussed what comedians do when they run out of jokes on stage.
However, his art and creativity later proved to show that was the plan all along as people in the auditorium showed their appreciation by having a laugh.

Hogan was probably the comedian who could not match his colleagues. Notwithstanding, the comedian had his wow moments here and there to make sure he was not a flop on the night.
The best act on the night arguably goes to Kenny Blaq. Quite a slow start based on his own set standards in his performances but the Nigerian comedian upped the gear and could only go higher.
Mixing music and comedy, Kenny’s melodious voice fused into rib cracking jokes got the audience wanting for more. His interactive show by engaging members of the audience and cracking jokes around the situation is also one that will leave an imprint in the minds of people who made it to the first edition of the Ghana Comic Awards.
This was not just about telling jokes for laughs. Members of the comedy industry were honoured for their parts played in promoting the art.
Kwaku Sintim-Misa popularly known as KSM (or Poppy/Olu – if you want to make him feel old) was honoured on the night for his role played in helping move comedy in Ghana from way back.
TV shows, actors, and events concerning comedy were also recognized.
Here are the full award winners on the night of the Comic Awards Ghana.
Best Comic TV/Online – Serekwakwa
Best Comic Animation – Time For Mental (Creo Concept)
Most Promising Comedy Event – Laugh Line
Best International Act – Parrot Mouth
Best Stage Play – Bananas And Groundnuts (Roverman Productions)
Best Comic Movie – Amakye & Dede
Best Comic Actor – Clemento Suarez
Best Comedy Event -1022 Laughs
Best Promising Comedian –Lekzy
Lifetime Achiever – Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM)
Standup Comedian of the Year – DKB
Comedian of the Year – DKB

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