Van Vicker lambasts Kofi Oduro for screaming “pu**y” in church

Popular Actor Van Vicker says it is unethical for famous Man of God, Kofi Oduro to be using the word “pu**y” to describe a woman’s private part while preaching on a public platform.

According to him, it is wrong and it is not setting a good standard for society.

In a viral video which has been in the public space for sometime now, Pastor Kofi Oduro of Alabaster Ministries is captured on the podium saying, “All the young girls who want to make life with pussy, your pussy will perish with you in hell. May your smooth pussy perish with you.”

But Van doesn’t agree with him using such a word while speaking on a public platform. He expected him to know better.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Van wrote, “Were you shocked to hear what this pastor said as I was? Did he have to be so ‘raw’ with his utterance IN THE HOUSE OF HIS GOD?

In my opinion he DID NOT have to use the P word to transfer the ire of his experience with the P. He did not have to subject us to his Pu**y vociferation. Even society will entreat one to use a more DECENT alternative – vagina, womanhood, private part, etc.- when one speaks on a public platform. IT IS JUST CIVIL. A pastor using the PU**Y word: several times in 1 instance with so much impunity on a public platform at a congregation at church I cogitate is unethical. God help us.”

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