There’s no love among Ghanaian musicians -Kay Strinkz

Ghanaian notable musician Kenneth Aidoo known within the Ghanaian musician industry as Kay Strinkz has revealed that there is no love among Ghanaian musicians and the music industry.

According to the artist who has been doing music for 15 years professionally, one of the reasons the industry is suffering is because of lack of love and unity.

Speaking in an interview, he recalled that some years back, he was paid to perform on a show and the MC was hyper for a different artist so he intentionally sabotaged him.

He continued that the popular or A list Artistes instead of supporting and motivating the musicians turn to price them a huge amount of money before they accept to show them the kind of love they need.

“Most underground upcoming musicians do not have the money and if there is unity and love among we musicians we have to see the need to support the underground musicians instead of asking them to pay huge amounts of money which they usually don’t have “, he added.

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