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A sneak preview into Obiba Collins’ musical world

This year 2020 seems to be the year that veteran highlife musician Obiba Sly Collins is determined to leave a mark on the heart of all women, especially in Africa.

On Valentine’s Day, he released a song ‘Fall in love’ dedicated to all lovers reminding them that it is love that makes the world go round. This he did in collaboration with Kamelyon and true to prediction, was one of the songs Ghanaians celebrated the day with as it topped the radio play lists and was the toast at almost all parties held to mark the day.

He has another one in the can waiting for release anytime soon. We have had the privilege of listening to it in which he featured King Lagazee of Hitz FM and the beautiful songstress Godmother Shegah, daughter of one of Ghana’s iconic musicians late Jerry Hansen of Ramblers Band fame as the three meant the song to celebrate our mothers as it came just apt on International Women’s Day.

According to him, all these songs will be included in his upcoming album which is scheduled for release later in the year.

However the highlife musician is gradually establishing himself as a man who does collaborations or features some of the up and coming musicians on his songs as this open the way for these younger ones. For example he has featured Agbeshie, Kamelyon, Godmother Shegah, Sherifat Gunu and many otherson some of his songs in his last three albums.

This according to him makes it easier for each one of them to make a breakthrough into the different musical markets.

‘Music is universal so it is necessary that we create paths for each act. For the younger ones, this method makes it easier for them to break into the hard core highlife music market where I have a foothold and it is vice versa for me too. Through these collaborative efforts it makes it easier for each one of us to be able to help each other make progress,’ he explained.

With this statement, Obiba is set to release some of his philosophical songs which most times dwells on love, unity and peace among Ghanaians. We can expect more of that as election 2020 draws nearer.

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