Netherlands to Welcome More Tourists This Year, but……

Even though the Netherlands will welcome a more significant number of international tourists during this year, compared to 2021, the numbers will still be far below the 2019 figures.

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Such conclusions have been reached through the latest report of the Dutch tourist board, reports.

Despite the fact that Easter marks the beginning of the Dutch tourist season, the figures still continue to be significantly below, compared to the pre-pandemic levels.

The main reason for the current figures is the Coronavirus situation, as well as the war in Ukraine, caused due to Russia’s invasion, according to NBTC.

According to NBTC Holland Marketing director Jos Vranken, this year Dutch holidaymakers are planning to travel abroad after two years of holidaying at home, while he stressed that the number of staycations this year is expected to go down 7 per cent compared to 2021 figures, as reported by Dutch News.

During this year, the Netherlands may also welcome fewer German tourists, who account for the largest number of international visitors.

In addition, he stressed that amid raised fears over the Coronavirus situation, fewer American tourists would head to the Netherlands during this year.

“That surprised us, but the proliferation of coronavirus and the limits on travel are a more important reason [for Americans] not to come to the Netherlands than the war,” he pointed out to the Parool.

According to NTBC, no more than 12 million international as well as 24 million Dutch tourists will spend at least one night away from home in the Netherlands during 2022, compared to about 46 million in 2019, before the spread of the Coronavirus and its new strains.

However, according to Vranken, that does not exclude the possibility that the ongoing discussion regarding there being too many visitors will disappear.

“The tolerance limit has clearly gone down over the past two years, and we are used to emptying parks and squares. There is a negative view of tourism,” he pointed out.

According to a report published previously by the Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the number of international visitors to the Dutch territory overnight accommodations declined by 13 per cent yearly.

The same source revealed that there was marked an increase in the number of domestic guests, approaching 2019 figures.

Authorities in the Netherlands have kept in place strict entry rules and other preventive measures in order to contain the virus’ further spread, which caused significant damage to many industries.

However, recently authorities in the Netherlands announced that they eased the majority of the restrictions imposed due to the virus, which is expected to help the country’s industries recover from the current situation caused by the virus, especially the travel and tourism sector.

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