Shatta Wale ‘ends rift’ with Nigerian counterparts

Shatta Wale has sent a message of peace to his Nigerian counterparts to end their longtime rifts.

Wale has been at loggerheads with most Nigerian artists for a very long time.

The dance hall star has on several occasions trashed Nigerian superstars for their style of music, hailing Ghana music talents over Nigerians.

His most recent exchange of words and slander was against Grammy award-winning singer, Burna Boy, Starr News recalls.

However, Shatta Wale took to his Twitter page on Sunday to admonish his compatriots to respect Nigerians because they understood musical talent.

In a thread of tweets, Wale said Nigerians should be respected for the hard work they put into their music, adding that they understood talent.

Shatta Wale slammed Ghanaians for comparing themselves to Nigerians stating that the lifestyles of both countries are different.

He tweeted: “Please can we just respect Nigerians for their hard work and stopa comparing our lazy lifestyle to theirs.

“It’s shame people think Nigerians will come hard at me but see they are the ones doing the streaming because they understand what talent means. Ghana music is a shame,” Shatta Wale tweeted.

Shatta Wale, however, asked Nigerian fans not to interfere in his clash with his compatriots saying that he would face Nigerians if he had any” beef” with them.

He wrote, “So man can’t talk to some foolish Ghana fans in peace?

“Nigeria pls ano come for una I beg (sic), I am talking to Ghana foolish fans association, I will come to you when I have beef over there please.”

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