National Theatre and US Embassy “Next Level” workshop for artists starts

The National Theatre of Ghana and the United States Embassy (Ghana), in collaboration with the United Nations Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, have begun a four-day international music and cultural exchange workshop at the National Theatre dubbed “Next Level.”

The workshop dubbed, which began on Monday, witnessed artists in various fields, including Beat Making, Graffiti Art, MCing, Rapping, and Dancing, reach out to diverse groups, facilitating the sharing and collaboration of knowledge.

The event saw many participants seek more knowledge and also master their various fields of study.

One of America’s most renowned recording artists, Maya Shipman, popularly known in the music scene as “Suzi Analogue,” who has gained much experience in beat-making, took the “Beat Making” class through an intensive training, where participants were asked to create their own beats.

She also took them through the ethics of beat-making and urged them to be more creative in their field of work.

Damien Mitchell, one of New York City’s best graffiti artists, also took part in the graffiti session, where he taught the participants how to paint and create the best works as an artist.

According to him, the craft of graffiti requires a lot of time and focus to perfect, having urged them to pursue their dreams of becoming top artists in the near future.

“With painting, one has to be very focused. It involves time. As long as you remain focused, you can do the best work in the world, ” he told some participants.

Mitchell also showed the participants some samples in which he tested their knowledge of what they had learned thus far with some incredible paintings.

The dance session was also facilitated by Harry Weston, a hip-hop street dance artist from Los Angeles. He trained the participants on various dance moves as they got ready for the main show this Friday.

The rap session also saw artists of the various music genres, try to create bars with their own lyrics and also learn more about the music industry.

The participants of the workshop are expected to perform what they have learned throughout the training in a grand show at the premises of the National Theatre this Friday.






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