John Dumelo in ‘hot waters’ over Instagram post

A photo that was shared by actor John Dumelo on his Instagram page has engendered controversy and backlash from a section of the public including musician A Plus.

John Dumelo on Saturday 20th May, 2017, posted a picture of a young man dressed in apron, holding polythene bags supposedly packed with pastries.

This was his text to the picture: “Just saw a knust grad hawking in traffic.. what went wrong?”

This did not go well with A Plus. On his Facebook timeline, he asked John Dumelo to pull down the post.

“I’m angry!!! Everyday I post my opinion. Today I’m posting my anger. John Dumelo remove this post from Instagram now!!! A bread seller is a human being. You can’t just take pictures of people and post it on your page for attention. A bread seller has right which must be respected. A bread seller is better than an armed robber!!! A bread seller is better than a drug dealer!!! It’s better for a person to hawk on the streets than to indulge in crime. I’m looking for this bread seller. John Dumelo must apologise to him. Or prepare for a legal battle!!!” he posted on Facebook.

On John’s post on Instagram page, one of his followers, adisongyedu also wrote: “It look like since you started following NDC, things are turning negatively.”

Sir_jones 170 also wrote a comment thus: “And so what? At least he didn’t go robbing people neither did he go duping SUGAR MUMMIES to survive. Shame.”

However, a comment by Samuel Awaitey, on A Plus’s Facebook post suggests the gentleman that was purported to have been hawking in John Dumelo’s post, is actually the Chief Executive Officer of a bakery company which produces A1 bread.

“This guy is one of the richest young guys in Ghana, he is CEO and employs over 200 people in kumasi, the CEO of Bakers line gh Ltd, and part owner of kumasi branch of kona. You don’t know him and you cast ur doubt on him, he is the big guy, my guy check him very well, ask ur celebrities who is kwaku Vito O.Boateng. He is my boss, he parked his array of cars to promote his brand in Accra and you don’t know shit, this boy go fit employ you Dumelo,” Awaitey disclosed in his comment.

Since the issue broke, one big topic that has been reignited is the propriety or otherwise of graduates to do jobs that are generally perceived to be for the less-educated.

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