I don’t Trust Okraku Mantey -Blakk Rasta

Ghanaian reggae musician and radio presenter Blakk Rasta has revealed that he does trust Mark Okraku Mantey, to become the Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture.

He made this assertion during a discussion session as to who will lead the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, with some notable industry players including CEO of 3Music Sadiq Abdulai Abu, and Jesse Agyepong, on ‘Showbiz A-Z’. with George Quaye

Blackk Rasta’s assertion comes after, Sadiq Abu suggested Mark Okraku Mantey be Deputy Minister, since, he has served as the President of the Creative Arts Council.

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Sadiq Abu, CEO of 3Music.
He further posited that Mark would be ideal for the position, especially in view of the tourism aspect of the ministry.

However, Blakk Rasta, who was of a different view stated that he doesn’t trust Mark Okraku. He opined that other people, besides those suggested by Sadiq, should be given the opportunity to head the industry.

Blackk Rasta, a Ghanaian reggae artist and media personality
“I will rule out Mark Okraku Mantey totally, he is a guy I don’t trust. Obour is a nice person but I cannot be sure about how he handles money. Akwasi Agyemeng (CEO Ghana Tourism Authority) is too slow, Catherine Afeku, I think and feel that she, for want of a better word, lacks a total understanding of the industry”.
Blakk Rasta urged President Akufo-Addo to select new faces to head the industry.

He put forward George Quaye, as a person who has in-depth knowledge of the sector, and can lead. he also posited that there is no need to be a politician to take up a Ministerial position.

Meanwhile, artiste manager George Britton also advocated for Dr. Mohammed Awal, as the head Minister with Mark Okraku Mantey as his deputy.

George Britton, an artiste manager
He explained that he has observed Dr. Awal’s impact on the Business Development Ministry and believes he is the best person to help transform the industry.

“They can drive our industry to a safe haven”.
Talent Manager Kwame Agyemang Berko said that he does not approve of the call some of his colleagues have made to support the comeback of former Minister Babara Oteng into the ministry.

Kwame Berko, talent manager
He explained that she did not make any huge impact in the sector during her time as minister.

Mr. Agyemang Berko said he, however, supports the call for the CEO of Ghana Tourism Authority, Akwasi Agyemang, as the work he has done as CEO is commendable.

Jesse Agyeman stated that beyond the position, whoever takes up the role should have the drive and business acumen to harness the potential of the people in the sector.

Branding expert, Jesse Agemang
“I would hope that we have a Ministry that has one minister and two deputies. I am recommending a deputy in charge of the creative art sector and another in charge of Tourism and Culture.
“We need a minister who is excel sheet oriented, who knows how to check the global funds moving around for tourism, who knows how to go to Dubai sign a deal and come back, who won’t sit at home”.

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