I dare you to drop 1 song, and I will drop 6 to counter – Samini taunts Shatta Wale

Samini has challenged Shatta Wale to a musical duel to prove himself worthy of his position in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. According to Samini, this is the year of truth to expose undeserving artists who are given awards.

Samini wades into the war between Shatta Wale and the organizer of 3Music Awards, Baba Sadiq. After an allegation revealed that the 3Music award scheme awards musicians on non-merit grounds, some musicians, like Samini, are upset with the developments.

Samini tweeted, “Life! You want to tarnish everyone’s image to elevate yours lol! Tell them about your base awards and all the other fake behind closed doors accolades y’all take just to get closer to authentic legacies. Why didn’t you reject them Mr FAKE revolutionary pah pah?

“#yearoftruth we go face them squarely. He go come talk say I’m poor meanwhile you no get money. Fanfool and beg beg and kiss ass vibes s)))).. you ever see say I delete tweet or apologize to anyone for lose talk before? Lion status man. @shattawalegh stop Dey fool.”

Samini also described Shatta Wale as a scammer and fake revolutionary who has lost all credibility with the Powers-that-be in the industry.

“Everyday daddy daddy daddy then you Dey take scam the big men. Dem see you oo @shattawalegh dem just Dey watch. You no see say some of dem stop Dey pay. See you like ooo alo lo lo alo lo lo your own voice to you. Drop a hit, I dare you. Like I go drop 6 hits in a day,” he concluded.

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