Ghanaian Young Filmmaker Who Completed New York Film Academy Returns With Opportunities For Ghanaian Filmmakers

Promising Ghanaian filmmaker, Efo Lucky Calebs , who took a French leave from the movie industry to study at the New York film Academy is back in Ghana – and now offering film producers millions of dollars to help market their movies across the world.

Efo Lucky Calebs in a chat with a section of the media after his return to Ghana, mentioned that though he specifically went to New York Film Academy to study filmmaking and majored in directing and creative writing.
After completion of his course and comparing both industries, he noticed that one area Ghana’s film industry is suffering most is the distribution and marketing system.

“I went to New York Film Academy purposely to go and major in directing and film writing – since many people do complain about our writing skills and directing years back” he said.

He added that after completing the course, “I realized that we have big problem with our distribution and marketing – so I’m now come back home to help with that.”

According to him, people are ready to shoot and invest in Ghanaian movies but are somewhat pessimistic that they might not get returns when they invest. “There are ready market for Ghanaian and African movies – though we have to upgrade and learn more.

“So though I will be shooting movies, my first move is to help market and distribute our movie to the ready market out there.”

In separate chat with editor of Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah, he hinted that as a producer, he will be offering film producers between 100 – 10, 000 dollars depending on the quality of their movies.

Caleb also added that aside the marketing and selling of Ghanaian movies across the world, he will also be launching a TV platform name and music platform where most of the movies will be uploaded.

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