Ghanaian female musicians don’t support each other – Tiisha (Video)

Zylofon discovery artiste Tiisha has revealed that one of the main reasons Ghanaian Showbiz industry is dominated by men is because the female musicians do not support each other.

Speaking in an interview with Attractive Mustapha, the songstress said it is becoming too hard for female musicians to breakthrough in the entertainment industry compared to their male counterparts.

With her five years experience, Tiisha lamented that another problem is support for the female musicians from sponsors and stakeholders because all the energies and support are being channeled to the men.

She was quick to add that it is understandable that all the energies are seemingly being channelled to the men because it is hard for most women to get out there and hard to break through as a woman.

“Because it’s hard for us women to break through the support mostly don’t come and again we the women in Showbiz don’t support each other “

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