Daddy Lumba owes me ¢3.6 billion – Great Ampong

Ghanaian gospel musician Great Ampong is claiming highlife musician Daddy Lumba owes him an amount of 3.6 billion old Ghana cedis and has vowed to take it from him.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on the Delay Show, Great Ampong described the legendary highlife musician as a cheat who manipulated him into collaboration but refused to pay him his share of money. “He asked me to collaborate with him to thank God after recovering from his sickness and this was on phone.

“I later went over to his home and we sat and spoke about it and even though we suggested we split 50/50, I told him because he was my older brother we should go on 60/40 percentage”.

According to Great Ampong, he felt he wasn’t too healthy so nothing moved him to sit and put the agreement on paper therefore it was agreed verbally.

He further went on to say that, Daddy Lumba asked him if he could introduce him to a good pastor who would help him in prayers and he introduced him to Pastor Emmanuel Kobi, who even went further to give Daddy Lumba a Mercedes Benz convertible.

“Pastor Kobi was present during the launch of the song at church and after the event we took some pictures [but] before I realised Daddy Lumba had sat in his car and was leaving.

“I was told by some church members that the money which was generated from the launch of the song was put in a ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag and transferred into Daddy Lumba’s car.” Great Ampong told Delay that he hadn’t heard from Daddy Lumba for over a year until December 2016.

“When I got in touch with him, he kept postponing the dates he promised to pay my percentage of the money to me until I told him I wasn’t going to call him ever again for the money. “I want him to know that I will take my money anywhere I meet him and that is a promise”.

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Daddy Lumba owes me ¢3.6 billion – Great Ampong