Castro, Bandu Blues: Questions Aqua Safari Failed To Answer! On Jet Ski, Tracker Et Al

Barely four months after sensational Hip Life musician, Castro, (Theophilus Tagoe) went missing under bizarre circumstances, are questions still lingering as to the role Aqua Safari, the place the team rented the Jet Ski, played in his disappearance.

Even though the managers of Aqua Safari have not officially come out with their side of the story, Ghanaians believe there are more questions to be answered in the disappearance of the famous and celebrated artiste and his female friend, Janet Bandu.

A security expert who finds the answers given so far funny wants to know the condition of the Jet Ski at the time Castro and his group rented it, given the discordant tunes being crooned by Aqua Safari and Castro�s team.

He also queried how the Jet Ski, could shoot from 5km/h speed at the time Castro took off with Janet Bandu, to 15km/h, and quickly jump to 75km/h, until it halted abruptly at an unidentified part on the waters of Ada Foah.

The answer many got for where the Jet Ski landed was the meeting point of the Ada River and the sea (Estuary), but what they have not heard is the side of Aqua Safari, especially when it came to light that the resort has trackers on all their Jet Ski.

Curious Adwoa Mansa from Nsawam, who has experience with Jet Skis said, normally a tether is strapped to the wrist of a rider of a Jet Ski during a riding experience and when there is inconvenience, the rider is expected to go down with the Jet Ski, however, in Castro�s case it was found intact. She added that with the tight hook of the tether, there was no way a rider could fall off the Jet Ski except it got torn. She said in Castro`s case, Aqua Safari has not told Ghanaians whether the tether was found torn or not.

This paper gathered that Samuel Anim Addo, Asamoah Gyan�s Manager filled all the forms for all those who took part in the riding of the Jet Ski. However, Ghanaians want to know how possible that could be given that rules about Jet Ski rental, which requires one to fill a generic form on his or her own to indemnify the resort against any unforeseen happenings.

Research has it that the Type C life jacket which was brought by fishermen as that which was used by Castro was not appropriate for Jet Ski riding ,because it is meant for a cock pit of a Jet and not for navigating on a Lake.

The weekend stay of Captain of the Black Stars Asamoah Gyan and his brother Baffour Gyan, a former player of the Black Stars at Aqua Safari with some close friends and associates for a vacation after the football calendar turned out to be an exceptionally displeasing moment.

According to a press release by the Lawyer of Asamoah Gyan, Mr. Kissi Adjabeng, the group arrived at the Aqua Safari on Friday 4 July, 2014, where they had dinner and took boat rides on the Volta River on three boats which had been rented from the resort by Anim Addo, who was in charge of the vacation. Asamoah Gyan and Castro entertained the group and guests at the poolside at the resort with live singing performances alongside a barbecue throughout the night till the morning of Saturday 5 July, 2014

The group, the lawyer stated, checked out into Peace Holiday Resort located about seven minutes� drive from Aqua Safari, where the group had been the previous night. The first day at the Peace Holiday Resort climaxed with a live band performance which also featured again, performances by the Hiplife duo Castro and Baby Jet (Asamoah Gyan).

According to Kissi Adjabeng, the legal representative of the Gyan brothers, on the morning of Sunday 6th July 2014, which had been formally planned as the final day of the vacation, the group had breakfast at the Peace Holiday Resort. Part of the group, including Asamoah Gyan and Castro, took boat rides to Aqua Safari to rent jet skis. The skis were rented by the individual members from the management of Aqua Safari Resort and each person was made to sign a generic form that purports to indemnify the resort against any events that may happen.

He said that the Jet Ski riders did several trips up on the Volta River between Aqua Safari and Peace Holiday Resort and also circumnavigated the island overlooking the later resort, which bears it name. All the riders, including Castro were provided with and wore contraptions intended as life jackets. Castro wore a bright reddish colour of the contraption.

Asamoah Gyan at some point during the Jet Ski rides suggested that the group play volley ball game at the Sandy River end of the Aqua Safari Resort. All the Jet Ski riders, except Castro disembarked at Aqua Safari for the volley ball game with a reason that he wanted to ride a bit longer. The other members who were at the Peace Holiday Resort including, Baffour Gyan joined the others at the Aqua Safari on four rented boats for the volley ball game.

Mr. Kissi Adjabeng noted that Castro rode for the last time from Aqua Safari Resort to Peace Holiday Resort where Baffour Gyan and a few others, including Alberta Tetteh and Janet Bandu were waiting for their turn to take the boat ride to join the group at Aqua Safari. When Castro got to Peace Holiday Resort, Janet Bandu requested to ride on the Jet Ski with him. As she joined Castro on the Jet Ski, Baffour Gyan shot up to his feet and advised that she wore a life jacket but Castro sped up towards the estuary in the direction where the Volta River joins the Atlantic as soon as Janet sat behind him.

He added that not long after Castro sped off, Samuel Anim Addo was called aside by a staff of the Aqua Safari Resort that a call had been placed through to Aqua Safari Resort from a resort located in the Tsarleykope area that one of the Jet Skis belonging to Aqua Safari had been spotted on the Volta River without its occupant(s). A head count showed that Castro and Janet had not returned. Samuel Anim Addo joined a search party with a number of staff from the Aqua Safari Resort. The Ada Police, the District Chief Executive of Ada East District and the Member of Parliament for the area joined in a search and rescue effort. The Tema Police Command, Marine Police, the Navy, planes from the Air Force, local fishermen and traditionalists joined the main search effort which continued for a week from the day of the incident.

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Source: The New Crusading Guide

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