ATWAG Calls for an Apology from the NSMQ Mistress over Her Derogatory Remarks on “Singing and Dancing”

The Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana (ATWAG) has penned an open letter to the esteemed Mistress of the National Science and Math Quiz (NSMQ), Professor Elsie Effah Kaufmann, seeking an apology for a recent statement she made on Starr FM.


In an interview with Bola Ray on Starr FM, Professor Elsie Effah Kaufmann remarked, “While other schools are engaged in singing and dancing, PRESEC conducts quiz programs within their school.”


In a separate open statement signed by George Quaye, the President of ATWAG, he implies that Professor Elsie’s comment was inappropriate and demonstrated a lack of respect for the arts, including singing and dancing.


Below, you will find the complete statement.

November 3rd 2023

Dear Professor Kaufmann,
We hope this letter finds you well. Here’s to express our deep concern and disappointment regarding a statement you made during a recent interview with Bola Ray on Starr Chat. The comment, “While other schools are singing and dancing, PRESEC-Legon is having quiz programs in their school,” has left many of us feeling insulted and disrespected.


We believe it is important to recognize and appreciate the value of both science and the Arts in our society. While science and math are undoubtedly crucial subjects, it is equally important to acknowledge the significant role that the Arts and Humanities play in shaping our world. They foster creativity, critical thinking, empathy, and cultural understanding.


In light of the rapid advancements in AI and technology, it becomes even more crucial to emphasize the importance of the Arts. These fields provide the emotional and imaginative aspects that AI cannot replicate. They contribute to the fabric of our society and enhance our overall well-being.


We kindly request that you reflect on the unintended consequences of your statement and acknowledge the insult it carries towards schools and individuals who prioritize the Arts and Humanities. It is essential to respect and appreciate the diverse talents and interests of students in all fields of study.



Moreover, we urge you to consider issuing a public apology to demonstrate your accountability and respect for all students, regardless of their academic pursuits. By doing so, you will help foster an inclusive and supportive environment that celebrates the contributions of both Science and the Arts.


We also call upon Primetime Limited, the producers of the show, to address this matter promptly and ensure that all participants and viewers feel valued and respected.


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We hope that you will consider our request and take appropriate action to rectify the situation. Together, we can build a society that appreciates and uplifts all areas of knowledge.


Kind Regards,
George Quaye ( ) President

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