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2021 Gadangme Homecoming launched

Gadangmes in the diaspora on Thursday 13th April launched Gadangme Homecoming at AMA head office for Ghanaians in the diaspora.

Among the many personalities and dignities that graced the occasion are
Traditional Leader from the Gadangme Region, Archbishop Torto, Hon. E T Mensah,Pastor Lamptey, Sultan Nii Nortey Caesar
Queen Asabea Cropper as the face of the Gadangme homecoming 2021 among others .

Speaking during the launch the organizers said that, The press statement comes at a time when the whole world is caught in the grips of the COVID pandemic and the related set of challenges on global health and economies.

However, GaDangme Homecoming 2021 is a fulfilment of earlier pledges made to celebrate the people, foster unity for sustainable development, reclaim assets and restore our heritage and priced traditions while honouring illustrious leadership, including chiefs, opinion leaders and achievers in our communities.

They noted that, It was former American president, Barack Obama who said that, “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Do not wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”

The GaDangme Homecoming (GDHC) is a global movement, comprising of all GaDangme associations both in the Diaspora and Ghana, aimed at projecting the Heritage and People of the GaDangme at home and abroad.

The Theme for this year’s homecoming is: ’Harnessing GaDangme Resources for Sustainable Development’’

The GaDangme Homecoming envisions a GaDangme society with an all-inclusive, fair and equal society where GaDangmes can develop their full potential by harnessing the human capital and resources of GaDangme citizens across the world to collaborate, rebuild and develop our land.

To realise the stated vision, GaDangme Homecoming is utilising emerging trends, underpinned by traditional values to achieve a positive change agenda for the GaDangme Region. We fervently believe that the development of our communities must have certain elements which include, but not limited to the restoration of economic prosperity to.

improve the daily lives of families, inspire the leadership of youth, and bring a renewed sense of cultural integrity and well-being of our people.

In a separate chat they told that, The GDHC 2021 event wishes to address the stated goals and to achieve the following outcomes:
1. Providing solutions: create a common platform to digest and redress pending GaDangme issues and propose home-grown and sustainable solutions.
2. Sanitation and Health: Immediate resolution to the sanitation and public health crises in our communities and strategies to enhance proper management of these emergencies.
3. GDHC Cultural & Resource Centre: raising of funds for the construction, awareness, and operating principles of a GDHC Cultural and Resources Centre (GaDangme Resource Centre). The Centre will connect GaDangmes to world-class development and managerial practice, informing effective policy, providing accessible research facilities, disseminating stories and materials that celebrate outstanding success and solutions, and delivering professional training and development programs to meet the self-determination and needs of the GaDangme people.

This initiative will be climaxed by the activities of GDHC between 9th August to 22nd August 2021. The Upcoming events are:
 Symposium, workshops and Lectures on GaDangme culture and development issues
 Grand Durbar and Adjabeng Wulu
 Music and cultural cavalcade that will showcase the rich culture of the GaDangmes featuring an array of chiefs apparelled in their rich regalia.
 Fund Raising Gala Dinner
 Awards and Recognition: To celebrate GaDangmes and honour distinguished personalities, including non-GaDangmes, who have immensely contributed to growth and progress in Ghana.

GDHC is demanding the continuation of the discourse with GaDangmes stakeholders, both local and national institutions on burning issues affecting GaDangme state. We are requesting an in-depth deliberation and swift resolution, strategies and timelines with local and national authorities to address the following, amongst others:
a) Renaming Greater Accra Region to GaDangme Region to reflect the true identity of the landowners
b) GaDangme language at crossroads: detailed plan for the protection of GaDangme languages by traditional, local authorities and government.
c) Deteriorated state of sanitation and public health within the GaDangme communities.
d) Strategies for sustaining the identity and unity of purpose among GaDangmes, including renaming of GaDangme communities.
e) Promotion and creation of wealth through education and employable skills training among GaDangmes.
f) Disregard for GaDangme customs and traditions, socio economic marginalization, moral degradation and domestic violence, among others.

These far-reaching social changes are what we are calling for to eliminate social inequality and to create an egalitarian GaDangme society.

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