Yusif Meizongo Jr.: Pioneering Ghana’s Fragrance Frontier with Maison Yusif

Yusif Meizongo Jr., an enterprising Ghanaian and the visionary founder of Maison Yusif, stands as the trailblazer in Ghana’s perfumery landscape. Championing creativity and innovation, Meizongo has etched his mark as Ghana’s inaugural perfumer, weaving a narrative of determination and commitment to crafting truly unique fragrances.



Armed with a first-class degree in public relations from the Islamic University in Ghana, Meizongo embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2017, overcoming challenges that led him to establish Maison Yusif. Starting from the confines of his car, he evolved into a seasoned perfumer, gaining international recognition that transcends the African continent.


Meizongo’s quest for expertise led him to perfumery studies across the globe, from Côte d’Ivoire and Germany to Dubai, Turkey, France, Nigeria, Egypt, and Ethiopia. Despite facing obstacles, Maison Yusif emerged as a distinguished perfume brand, clinching the title of Ghana’s first niche perfume house to win an international fragrance award at the Perfumista Awards 2023.


The genesis of Maison Yusif stems from the reactions of customers to Meizongo’s personal fragrance while selling various items. Evolving into a brand renowned for distinctive fragrances and stylish packaging, Maison Yusif’s commitment to premium ingredients sourced globally is evident in each meticulously crafted scent, featuring notes of amber, vanilla, citrus, and florals.



Meizongo’s fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation has garnered a discerning clientele. With three branches in Accra and Kumasi, the brand has curated over ten fragrances to date, each designed to evoke emotions and memories, providing a rich sensory experience.



Beyond perfumery, Meizongo’s philanthropic venture, the Home of Humanity Foundation, supports the education of Zongo community children. The foundation also allocates a portion of perfume sales to Ghanaian orphanages, extending assistance to those in need. Between 2022 and 2023, the foundation sponsored rehabilitation programs for three adults grappling with drug addiction, aiding their journey to employment.



Notably, Maison Yusif’s Vatican fragrance was honored with the prestigious “Niche Perfume of the Year” award at the Perfumista Awards in France. This recognition, coupled with the brand’s philanthropic endeavors, has cultivated a dedicated global following among perfume enthusiasts and connoisseurs, firmly establishing Maison Yusif’s influential presence in the perfume industry.

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