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We don’t need WHO and the Western World to authenticate our COVID-19 herbal cure -Former AU Ambassador on Dentaa Show (Video)

Former AU Ambassador Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao has voiced out that the African continent does not need the western world to clinically prove or tell the continent what to do with the new COVID herbal cure discovered in Madagascar.

The former ambassador speaking in a live video interview with Dentaa Amoateng monitored by Ghanaian Journalist Attractive Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah on discouraging responses coming from the world health organization and the western world, she said that for so many years the western world has stolen many of Africa’s intellectual property.

She added that many of the drugs from the western world that are repackaged after mass production are naturally from Africa.

‘Madagascar herbal cure, I see it to be Amazing, we have to understand that Africa intellectual properties have been stolen, for a century now, I’m so pleased to see Madagascar taking a position, we do not need the western world to tell us what to do with our medicine’ she said.

She questions how can the western world be telling Africa what to do when most of the herbs in Africa have been proven by our great grandfathers.

‘I remember when I was growing up, where someone was sick we go to the backyard and get a few leaves and the person will be better‘.

She congratulated the African countries who have come out to endorse the herbs and urged other countries who are yet to make statements on the herbs to rally behind Madagascar.

‘Africa has a lot to offer when it comes to health and herbal medicines and I applaud the African countries who have so far come out to support Madagascar, I recommend to the world to rather support, what we need from World Health Organization is for them to push finance to Madagascar instead of wanting to shut them up which won’t work ‘

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